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Unveiling the Consequences or Implications of a DUI Case Involving Child Endangerment Charge

In different states, child endangerment cases encompass diverse kinds of offenses, and that may include DUI or driving under the influence while transporting an individual aged below 18 in your car. In this context, you should know that according to Forbes.com, a million people in the United States are arrested every year for drunken driving.


However, serious consequences and penalties are involved in the event of a DUI with child endangerment even though the child was not killed or injured during the car accident. However, it pays to remember that in the event, the child passenger dies or gets injured; the DUI gets converted into a felony.

The penalties associated with a DUI with child endangerment in your state are generally presented clearly in the criminal statutes of your state. If the driver is intoxicated by drugs or under the influence of alcohol, while a child traveling in the car gets seriously injured due to the car accident, the offense is regarded as a case of vehicular assault. If a child dies in the accident, the offense seems to be regarded as a case of vehicular homicide. Refer to the map if you are looking for an experienced DUI attorney to defend your case. . Find a qualified DUI lawyer at

What Precisely Is Child Endangerment? 

Let us explore some instances:

  • Not remembering to fasten the seat belt for the child
  • Showing negligence by not using a car seat even when necessary
  • Not providing adequate care because of impairment
  • Jeopardizing a child’s life and safety because of dangerous driving

Impairment could be preventing a driver from reacting promptly to an emergency. If an accident occurred because of slow reaction time, it could be having disastrous implications for the child. As such, the court regards DUI with a child inside the car as a far serious and special offense. You should seek legal assistance from expert attorneys regularly handling DUI cases that involve child endangermentNo matter how complex your case may seem, you should know that all your DUI with child endangerment charges is defendable.

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Penalties Involved in DUI & Child Endangerment Cases

Depending on the state you are residing in, you may encounter the following penalties for child endangerment: for instance, if you are in San Diego

    2 days jail term: first DUI

    10 days jail time: second DUI

    30 days jail time for third DUI

    90 days jail term: fourth or any subsequent DUI

This offense is never combined with an impaired driving offense. In such an offense, the accused may be charged separately for prosecution and sentencing. It implies that you may encounter more jail time, probation, fines, and even license suspension.

Penalties If the Child Is Injured 

If you were driving a car under the influence of some intoxicants or alcohol while transporting someone under 18 years of age and the child got seriously injured, you would be facing a Class D felony associated with vehicular assault. The term of imprisonment for this sort of offense depends primarily on factors including past criminal history but may involve 2 to 12 years imprisonment. A conviction for the first offense would carry a mandatory jail time of 48 hours. Your driver’s license will be taken away for a minimum of one year.

Conclusion: DUI Leading to a Child’s Death

In the event a child passenger succumbs to his injuries because of a DUI child endangerment case, the offense would be regarded as a Class B felony involving vehicular homicide. Upon conviction, the offender’s criminal history and other crucial factors would be dictating the jail sentence; however, the sentence would be ranging from 8 to 30 years of jail time. Moreover, your driver’s license will be canceled for 3 to 10 years.

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