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The Role of Private Investigators in Divorce Cases

Marrying the person of your dreams can be blissful, but not every story ends on happy notes. Divorce rates are currently rising in Canada, and they can be an emotionally charged experience. After an extended marriage, emotions may get in the way of figuring out who owns what and how to divide property and assets equitably. It can make things more challenging if it has been a long marriage. If you’re going through a divorce, you shouldn’t let your emotions get in the way as much as it may be hurting to divide up belongings or deal with your spouse’s debt – do it at arm’s length. After all, the goal should be the settlement. Know the The Role of Private Investigators in Divorce Cases.

Sometimes during a divorce, things get messy with two people trying to rip each other apart, especially if the couple is going through the process without an experienced mediator. How do private investigators help in this scenario? They help bring all the facts and information together in a divorce investigation. To have a reasonable, fair settlement, one or both parties can hire investigators, such as Discreet Investigations Oakville, who can provide unbiased clarification or verify relevant facts. Let’s find out the specific areas where they can be of immense help.

Child support and custody

Infidelity, addiction, or physical abuse is common in cases where couples are divorcing, and one spouse has become aware of suspicious activities of the other and feels concerned about the welfare of their children. In these cases where harm may be evident towards a child because of the people mentioned above or circumstances, seeking counsel with a reputable P.I. can be helpful. They can gather evidence surrounding any suspicious activity that a parent may have committed against their child(ren) and get accurate information to show during custody agreement discussions before the judge.

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Allegations of infidelity and others

If your partner is at fault, you or your lawyer will need to prove to the court. They are at fault (e.g., infidelity, cruelty, jail, abuse,etc.). Any illegal evidence or something collected through unacceptable means can hurt your hearings. But private investigators tend to be experts in these matters and understand what laws support or what they don’t. Hence, your lawyer can present them more confidently. These people have the license to take photos and videos and record testimonies of the witnesses.

Asset distribution

During divorce proceedings, it’s pretty common to witness heated debates over outstanding items such as mortgage payments and car loans. Individuals will also argue about who gets to keep the vacation home after the divorce settlement. And what proportion of inheritance goes to which party. It’s a very chaotic time, and it can damage your relationship if you let it get out of control. A private investigator can make the difference if it involves a division of assets or physical property. They will go through records to unearth or verify financialdetails while keeping matters like your proprietary data private.

Whether you are wading through the turbulent divorce time or need clarity on your relationship. Private investigators are there to assist you through and through with evidence.

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by Sujain Thomas

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