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Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer When Renting a House

Renting a house, at a glance, seems straightforward. You browse through the available properties, pick the one that ticks most, if not all, boxes on your checklist, contact the landlord, pay the key money, plus the rent, and settle in. In many instances, that’s the experience. In others, the process can quickly turn into a sore experience with the many unscrupulous and canny parties in the real estate industry.

Services like Hauzisha make your rental property hunt easier. After you’ve found that perfect house, don’t just dive in; take a moment to ensure your rights are protected, an aspect that can quickly be addressed by hiring a lawyer. It seems like an extra expense, but hiring a lawyer when renting a house offers many advantages. Among the reasons you need a lawyer when renting a property includes:

Navigating property law

How much do you know about property law? For example, are you certain that the dream property you just found is safe, including having the proper certificate of occupancy? Property law is extensive, and as a tenant, you need to do your part to protect your rights. Learning the basics helps, but for better protection, enlisting a lawyer is recommended. An experienced expert knows the ins and outs of property laws in your area. With their experience and expertise, you’ll ensure that the house and rental agreement don’t expose you to certain risks, especially considering the law.

Learn your rights and responsibilities

As a tenant, do you know your rights, such as what the landlord must provide? Landlords are in business, and like most intelligent entrepreneurs, they won’t volunteer information. If you don’t know your rights, you could rent a house that gives the landlord an advantage over you. You could, for example, incur significant repairs and maintenance costs that the landlord should handle.

A thorough inspection to ensure the house is habitable and in great shape is essential. You won’t be in haste to sign a rental agreement with a lawyer by your side before such elements are addressed. By understanding your rights, you won’t fall prey to those canny landlords targeting unsuspecting tenants. You also need to understand your responsibilities, ensuring that frustrating experiences don’t characterize the rental period.

Most rental disputes can amicably be managed without a lawyer or going to court if the tenant and the landlord understand their rights and responsibilities. Once you know them, you won’t constantly be arguing with your landlord by mistaking your responsibilities for rights. A lawyer lays down the rights and obligations in simple terms, ensuring you know what you are getting into, making the rental period easier to manage, especially for first-timers.

The contract

As a general rule, never get into a rental with a verbal agreement. A written contract is a must-have. But, do you understand every section of the rental contract? Those clauses that are a bit confusing but don’t seem to carry much weight can come back to haunt you. The landlord isn’t the best person to ask for clarification since they might not volunteer as much information. A property lawyer helps you understand the contract’s fine print. With a simplified explanation, you’ll read between the lines and pot those entrapments that could affect your rental period. You won’t be signing a contract you hardly understand, which can be used against you, such as in forceful evictions.

While renting a house is straightforward at face value, it can also become a nightmare. You could end up in a contract that’s hard and expensive to get out of, forcing you to remain in a rental property you don’t like as much as you thought you would as you signed the agreement. Enlisting a lawyer helps you avoid such situations, ensuring your rights are protected.

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by Sushree Swagatika

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