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Reasonable guidelines to choose a reputable immigration consultancy in your budget

It will help if you choose a reputed immigration consultant to understand the complex procedures and engage in a detailed strategy to help you fetch international visas. However, multiple agencies are not well versed in the task, and with overwhelming options, it might become more complicated for you to choose one that is appropriate.  So as per your requirements, you must engage in exhaustive research before hiring a consultancy to get decent services. Asking your peers and searching on the digital platforms are feasible options to help you start an effortless process.


Below are specific methods to help you get hold of a reputed immigration consultancy to ease the visa procedure.

Check out Google reviews

Nothing can go beyond the word of mouth when you choose an option. Go through online reviews of the respective consultancy before you engage in physical interaction with them. Evaluating online reviews will help you get first-hand information and undiluted opinions of clients regarding the consultancy.

The most helpful reviews provide specific details about the immigration consultancy’s services, such as the level of communication, the timeliness of the services, and the overall satisfaction with the outcome. No company is perfect, so it’s important to find reviews praising and criticizing the company, which can give you a more grounded perspective.

Evaluate social media

The social media platform is essential to get in touch with a good consultancy. These forums help you understand the people’s feedback regarding a particular agency and get the latest updates on their functioning and mechanism. If you notice any static, empty or missing page, then take it as a warning and know that the consultancy is not trustworthy and there is something fishy going on. If you do not find any agency unreliable, it is always advisable not to go for them because these procedures are quite complicated and might land you in trouble.

Check out records

It is not necessarily always true but typically, evaluating records of immigration consultancy is a reasonable idea before you hire them. Evaluation of the form will also help you understand whether they have experienced employees trained to carry out the task properly. Moreover, it would help to find out whether the company CEO has a good reputation in the market. A person who has a favorable reputation in the market can help you if something goes wrong, and you will not land into any trouble.

Many people who move to a country for work do so by getting an employment-based visa. The requirements vary depending on the visa type. Still, all applicants must meet basic criteria, such as an employer’s job offer.

An immigration consultancy can help you gather the necessary documents and prepare your application. Furthermore, they can represent you at your interview and help you answer any questions the consular officer may have.

Securities form a crucial factor

Good agencies have specific policies and procedures that can fetch you peace of mind. It would help if you went for trustworthy agencies to share sensitive and private information. Moreover, the online payment portal of these agencies should be reliable so that you do not face cyber-attacks later. Initiate credit card transactions only when you find the sites reputable and trustworthy. Hence, meet them in person and have adequate consultation before undertaking any cash transaction.

Some immigration consultancies charge an hourly rate for their services if you need help with a specific task, such as preparing your visa application. Others charge a flat fee for their services, which is suitable if you need help with the entire immigration process, from start to finish.

There are those who require you to pay a retainer fee, a set amount of money you pay upfront, typically to cover the cost of the consultancy’s initial work. The retainer fee is usually refundable if you decide to cancel your services.

Why is background check important?

Relocating or migrating to a new country sometimes might involve paying a large sum of money. It might as well include the fees of the nation where you are planning to relocate. Anybody would get anxious to make such a considerable amount of payments.

Make sure the consultancy is registered with the appropriate government agency and that the immigration lawyers or consultants working on your case are licensed in your jurisdiction. Ask about their experience in handling cases similar to yours, too. Look for one with a good track record in helping people obtain the visas or green cards they need.

Jane Lee might help you undergo background checks on the companies you are supposed to work with in the future so that you do not get tricked eventually.

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