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Post-Covid Boom in Austin Leads To More Accidents

The Austin Police Department has seen an increase in accidents since the global pandemic passed. It is not the drivers’ fault, but they are somewhat distracted by various elements, including phones and other belongings. This leads to many people being hurt on Austin roads every day, so stricter regulations for distracted driving policies.

The Risks Of Falling And The Dangers For Drivers Too

When you see someone falling over in front of you, you might reflexively look away to avoid seeing the person’s embarrassment. You may also feel inclined to help them up and ask if they’re okay. But it turns out that in this situation, your reaction could actually cause more harm than good: because Post Covid causes dizziness and balance loss, looking at someone who has fallen can trigger a similar response for people nearby.

This increased traffic leads to an uptick in accidents which is more common during this Post Covid season. In the first six days of January, there were 134 car collisions in Austin, which led to 111 injuries and three fatalities.

Drivers are now being urged not to text while driving because they could take their eyes off the road for too long or miss important information on the screen that would otherwise be spotted by someone else who wasn’t distracted.

This is especially bad when people are at intersections because it’s difficult enough without adding distractions into the mix. For example, if you’re looking down at your phone instead of the lights, you might end up crashing or getting hit from behind by a speeder going through an intersection on the yellow or red.

This leads to more and more accidents because it’s tough for drivers to see when they’re going through an intersection, especially if lights are flashing at them from multiple directions. It also makes it impossible for a driver to make turns across lanes on top of another car or truck. 

This results in even worse wrecks than before, with people piling up into each other, often causing injuries that can be serious enough to leave someone permanently disabled.

Austineans should be prepared for these accidents by knowing how to best react when they happen. For instance, if you’re involved in a collision, keeping an Austin personal injury lawyer at your speed dial can assist you immediately. Besides, taking steps like wearing your seatbelt, following the speed limit, and focusing on the road while driving can help reduce the risk of getting into a car collision. 

Who Should You Call In The Event Of A Car Collision?

If you are involved in a car crash or have been injured from one, you must know who to contact and what steps you need to take to protect your rights. If you don’t know the appropriate people, keep a list of emergency numbers handy or have them on speed dial so that if an accident happens, you know where to turn for help. 

A personal injury lawyer is one crucial number that can be at hand when accidents happen because they work with car crash victims all the time–they are well versed in this type of situation and will make sure your legal rights won’t get trampled on. 

Bouncing back to your everyday life after a collision may not be as easy for others, but there are many things you can do to help you cope. First, make sure that your doctor and insurance company know about the incident so they can tend to your needs immediately–you might have injuries that need immediate treatment or, in some cases, even surgery.

Be aware of how much sleep you’re getting because it can heavily affect how well you recover from injury. If fatigue slows down your healing process, hire a professional caregiver who will provide care and get out with family members or friends while nurse aiding if necessary. 

How To Avoid Getting Hit or Causing A Covid Boom Accident?

It is essential to be aware of your surroundings at all times. For example, if you are driving, use the turn signal when changing lanes or turning and never text while behind the wheel–it’s illegal in some places.

  • How does a car accident affect you and your family?

The financial cost of an auto accident is not the only thing that needs to be considered. When you are injured in a car collision, it can temporarily or permanently affect your life–affecting how well you work and enjoy time with friends and family members. According to data from the city’s police department, there have been over twenty auto collisions in Austin alone where people were injured last year, but what do these numbers mean? 

Cars become more interconnected through technology such as Bluetooth, hands-free voice systems, navigation apps on smartphones, and GPS tracking tools for vehicles. The number of accidents seems likely to increase because drivers will rely less on looking out their windows for red lights if they keep one eye glued to their phone screen instead.

Final Words

The dangers of not taking precautions against the post-covid boom in Austin are more than just lessening the chances of being injured in an auto collision. People also face increased risks for a car crash if drivers become so engrossed with their phone screen that they lose concentration and don’t stay safe behind the wheel.

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by Sushree Swagatika

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