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Most Popular Legal Child Custody Arrangements 

Often child custody is the prime concern when the family breaks up or decides to go separate ways. Divorce may take a toll on children’s mental health and can be a challenging time for both parents and children. This is where a family judge comes into the picture. If both parents are unable to craft a mutual agreement for child custody, the family judge will make the final call depending on the situation. 

However, if your case is strong and you are capable of taking care of your children, you can win your child’s custody. Hiring services from reputable and experienced child custody attorneys in Morton, IL, can help you discover the best options and make your case legally stronger. 

Here are some most popular types of legal child custody arrangements to consider before filing your appeal. 

1. Sole custody 

Sole custody is one of the most common types of legal child custody. As per studies, most parents across the globe appeal for sole custody while separating from their partners. Under this arrangement, the child will live with only one parent, and that parent will also make a majority of decisions for the child. The parent might also have visitation rights which may differ depending on the situation of your case. The visitation rights allow the other parent to visit his/her child for some time as per decisions by the court. 

2. Joint custody 

Unlike sole custody, joint custody arrangements allow both parents equal rights in making major decisions for the child together. Generally, the rights involve making decisions for their child’s education, medical care, religious upbringing, and other important areas. This arrangement also allows parents to spend equal time with their children. For instance, the child or children can spend half week with one parent and the other half with another parent. This arrangement can help children get more familiar with the new changes and accept the decisions made by their parents. 

3. Split custody 

Split custody arrangements are more common in cases where parents have more than one child. This arrangement allows parents to slip the custody of their children. This means one parent is allowed to have custody of one or more children and the other parent for the remaining children. The parent with custody can make major decisions for their children, and another parent can have visitation rights. Before opting for this arrangement, it is recommended to consult your attorney and discuss it with your partner.  

4. Full custody

Full custody is similar to sole custody. Under this arrangement, the parent will have both legal and physical custody of the child. This custody arrangement can be filed by grandparents, stepparents, relatives, and others that the court determines to have a legitimate interest in the child. The visitation rights for another parent might be customized depending on the case or the reason why the couple decided to go their separate ways. 

Before appealing for any custody arrangement, you should consult your lawyer and consider how your child feels. As separation might not be easy for them as well. 

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by Sushree Swagatika

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