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Most Helpful Tools for Lawyers to Stay Productive

It’s not uncommon for lawyers to work overtime to seal and win deals, negotiate plans, and many more. Although that’s not a healthy approach, being snowed under with the tasks is inescapable, primarily if you’re held in high esteem. But what’s more important is to remain effective and accurate, as a lawyer’s job requires precision and clarity.

Whether you’re a beginner or have practiced for years, pursuing productivity is a top priority. Fortunately, meeting this goal is simple these days. Given the digital era and technological advancement, you can stay efficient for a significantly longer time. Below are the best apps to help you complete any undertaking successfully and quickly.


VistaCreate kicks off the list of the most helpful tools for lawyers, and it’s not for no reason. This tool is excellent and universal, i.e., it can cover many daily tasks. Thanks to VistaCreate, you no longer have to worry about the visual element of your work. That is to say, the app provides you with dozens of various templates. VistaCreate can serve as a business card maker, calendar builder, to-do list creator, etc. And the most remarkable thing about the tool is that it provides an impressive number of items for free! You can reach VistaCreate by a browser, or you can download an app, no matter whether your gadget is on iOS or Android.


Every lawyer would agree that building schedules are an indispensable part of a job. Being an attorney requires following plans strictly, taking notes on the go, projecting ideas and sharing them with co-workers, etc. And although a pen and paper is the most typical way of taking notes, a few more effective ways exist. Take Notion, for instance.

Notion is a comparatively new note-taking app that has already gained enormous success and recognition. More people switch to Notion because it’s incredibly functional, swift, and includes lots of features. You can create separate pages, endow them with a unique style and components, and, most importantly, reach them in the blink of an eye. Notion is no regular app; it is intuitive and user-friendly, so don’t worry about being confused by the number of features Notion offers.

Google Drive

Imagine stepping into the court to defend your client. You already know that the accusations are dead in the water, and you know how to destroy them quickly and easily. But something is off. Wait, you have forgotten a folder with crucial documents that would help you perform a fantastic, breathtaking speech. There is no time to go back to the office to take those papers, and no one can deliver them to you. So what do you do?

The best way to prevent such situations is to be prepared in advance. Forewarned is forearmed. Besides, securing all the essential documents is elementary. All you need is Google Drive, where you can upload the necessary papers you know, just in case. The app is widely used all over the world, and it’s clear why. You can upload files in the cloud and reach them from any device and place. You need to have an Internet connection, though.


Assume you work in a team and need transparent and effective communication. Given the Covid pandemic, working with others face to face is rather not an option today. But that doesn’t mean your collaboration is doomed to be ineffective. With Slack, you will set any task and execute it efficiently.

Slack is an app specifically designed to let people work with one another. It enables users to create groups, topics, attach files, and more. Slack is free and works on multiple devices and platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

Google Docs

Although a trivial word processor, Google Docs is an app that goes way beyond simple text typing. You may wonder how it can ease a lawyer’s work, let alone make attorneys more productive. See, besides taking notes, lawyers type a lot. Like, a lot.

Writing down recommendations, editing deals and contracts, composing appeals – these are just a drop in the ocean of a lawyer’s daily agenda. While many people use MS Word, Google Docs tends to be an excellent alternative, especially when it comes to productivity. The best advantage of Google Docs over Word is that it works way faster. Despite its basic look, Google Docs contains plenty of features to help you quickly create any document.


Today it’s challenging to remain attentive and not succumb to unrelated things, like messenger notifications. And for many, staying focused on one thing without being disturbed is the best sign of productivity. So how do you ensure that? You can try using Forest.

Forest is an app that blocks unnecessary apps that can harm your efficiency. You can use it on various platforms when working. By the way, by using the app, you contribute to the world’s forestation. To date, over one million trees have been planted thanks to Forest.

Final Thoughts

Provided are just a few tools for lawyers to remain productive. But even using apps from this list will allow you to take quick notes, write official documents faster, and focus on vital tasks without being distracted. Also, remember: what one finds helpful might be inefficient for another, so make sure to test any app before starting to use it habitually.

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by Sushree Swagatika

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