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Legal actions to face if you meet an accident on hills

Driving any vehicle on the hills can be challenging. Especially if you are a new driver then you should avoid driving your vehicle on such dangerous roads, as it needs extra care and concentration. A slight mistake can become fatal in seconds and taking control of your vehicle in such narrow lanes with a trench on another side can be difficult and next to impossible. However, if you meet with an accident, contact a firm today

So whenever you are driving a big vehicle like a truck on the hills ensure some small safety points that can help you prevent danger and accidents. But what are those tips? Let us know:

Drive on the lowest gear

It is better if you drive slowly and steadily on the hills. Elevating your speed and gear can bring difficulty while going uphill as your truck engine needs more power and it can shut down on high gears with low speed. This will cause your truck to roll backwards or cause accidents because you can lose control of the vehicle.

Avoid pressing brakes when taking turns

If you drive at low speed you can automatically prevent a situation where you need to apply breaks. When driving on a steep road, pressing brakes can again cause the same problems of your vehicle engineering turning off and you can crash into the vehicles behind you. Moreover, if you are taking turns at high speed while going downhill and applying sudden brakes the truck may skid.

Lower the beam when a vehicle passes

Although you should drive your truck or any vehicle on high beams when in hilly regions or highways for better visibility. It’s also important that you lower your beam when vehicles pass so they can get an idea about the width of the truck and can pass from the narrow roads without banging.

Fuel your tank

Finding a gas station in between your hilly road trips is tough. You may find some but at very long distances. So before starting your trip refill your tank to the fullest and carry extra gallons to prevent halting for hours in need of help.

Driving a car may seem easier when compared to a truck due to the compact size of the vehicles. A truck is longer and wider than any vehicle on the road and so it needs more space to pass through narrow roads. And this is what makes driving a truck in hilly regions more tricky. The narrow roads with sharp edges can become a challenge for drivers. Truck drivers need more area to turn their vehicles or pass through other vehicles of the same dimensions. These are the reasons why it is recommended that only professional drivers with good driving skills should take up trips to the hilly areas. 

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by Sushree Swagatika

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