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Learn What Can Happen in the Nursing Home

There have been increasing reports of abuse at nursing homes recently. It is a serious matter that needs prompt attention. A resident at a healthcare facility can become a victim of physical, mental, sexual, and emotional torture caused by a staff, a visitor, or other residents. Such cases can occur due to many things, including the issue of understaffing, low morale of the care providers, inadequate training, and the absence of strict policies. Nevertheless, a patient, who is also a victim, suffers the most in this situation. Some injuries can even prove fatal. Hence, it is critical to know the signs of such occurrences and report them to the concerned authorities.

Types of nursing home abuse

It is sad, but abuse can also happen in a nursing home, which you trust to provide the best care for your beloved person. There can be different forms and shapes, which are, unfortunately, all too common. One most heard-about incident can be physical abuse, involving hitting, kicking, shaking, or causing bodily harm to a patient, who can be any age group. Still, the most common targets are the elderly or those with cognitive problems. You can also consider a situation of psychological abuse that includes threats of violence, intimidation, mocking, etc. The effect of this type of abuse can harm someone as much as physical abuse or even greater, leaving scars on the patient’s mind. They can feel lonely and helpless. Other instances include sexual abuse and neglect.

If you suspect a loved one is going through a harrowing experience in a nursing home, you should seek help. A lawyer for nursing home abuse cases knows how to ensure justice for the victim and their family.

nursing home abuse

Things to do once you notice the signs of nursing home abuse on your loved one

Act with urgency. Move your person from there. Talk to the staff at the nursing home and let them know your concerns. If you don’t get any favorable response, you may need to contact the police or file a report with the Department of Health. Maintain a record of injuries or changes in your dear one’s condition for evidence in an investigation. When you find your family member or friend in such pain and distress, you may not know what to do and how. But if you consult a lawyer specializing in these cases, you will get the proper guidance.

The victims inflicted with abuse at the nursing home usually manifest varied signs and symptoms. It can include but extend beyond bruises, cuts, bedsores, insomnia, fatigue, damaged bones, etc. They can also sustain injuries to their head and teeth. And you can also discover symptoms of a new infection. All these should alert you.

While finding your loved one in such a dreaded scenario is disheartening, you must approach the whole incident with a calm and collected mind. Losing a temper can only worsen the situation. Even if the rage doesn’t let you focus and ensure that your family member or friend gets the proper justice, speak to a lawyer who can show the correct path. Their experience, exposure, and knowledge can assure that your efforts will not go to waste and that the culprits will get their lessons well.

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