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How To Prepare for Free Divorce Consultations

Divorce is relatively common, albeit more young people are waiting longer to get married to avoid what their parents are experiencing in today’s world. While it is simple to succumb to the idea that you want to end a marriage, understanding how to initiate the steps is another story altogether.

Fortunately, divorce-free consultations are often available with most attorneys to help answer some more pertinent questions so you can at least prepare for the proceedings. Many ponder the question: What do you do to prepare for the lawyer’s consultation?

Preparing For a Free Divorce Consultation with An Attorney

People who conclude that it is time to end their marriage then need to engage in a free consultation with an attorney to learn what steps they need to follow to initiate the divorce process. 

In the first meeting, you can determine if the lawyer is a good fit and could ask questions that have been lingering since making your decision. One anticipation is what will happen with the lawyer’s meeting. 

Based on your circumstances will depend on what precisely will transpire with the meeting. In some cases, paperwork has already been filed by one of the parties. An early negotiation between the two spouses has already been worked out, determining there will be reasonable agreements instead of battling in court to make things straightforward and less costly.

The key to the consultation is to be optimally prepared so that your best interests are represented. The idea is to ask as many questions as possible so the attorney can guide you through the variants to anticipate and the different steps each will follow. 

With each attorney question, you need to be forthright and detailed so the lawyer can determine your circumstances. The expectation is that (if you do not know) you will look into the finances, liabilities, general expenses, and assets shared since each spouse must have a complete understanding of these elements.

Things To Have with You for The Consult

When attending the free meeting, you will need to ensure that you bring as much documentation as possible to explain your situation. Otherwise, the attorney will be hard-pressed to assess your case. Eventually, these things will be called for, so having them right away saves time and effort informally requesting them.

  • Pay stubs

Roughly three months of pay stubs need to accompany you to the meeting for each spouse. It will help assess the finances and allow a determination for alimony.

  • Tax returns

These are ideal in allowing the attorney to gain insight into the finances, especially if there was not always a joint return between spouses.

  • Legal paperwork

Any legal documentation pertaining to the marriage, some of which would include:

  1. Separation agreements
  2. Prenuptial agreements
  3. Paperwork relating to other legal processes with spouse or kids
  4. Passports / social security cards for you and your kids
  5. Kids birth certificates

In addition to these things, other types of documents to include would be any type of incriminating evidence against either you or your spouse that the lawyer needs to be aware of. These can consist of documentation on abuses or cheating, texts, social site posts, videos, photos. Click this link to know more about these documents. 

Some Questions to Remember to Ask Your Attorney in The Free Consultation

It is essential to make a list of questions when meeting for the appointment with your attorney for the free consultation. Too often, individuals get nervous and forget much of what they wanted to find out in the process. You only get one chance for a free consultation. 

When attending, you want to take full advantage of your time there. The lawyer will give you as much time as you need to, so it is beneficial to prepare ahead of time so you can use the service entirely. Some questions to remember:

  1. Our divorce and family law your specialty
  2. How are the marital assets to be divided?
  3. What is your experience level with divorce cases?
  4. What is the likelihood of spousal support or alimony for either of us?
  5. Can you outline your fee structure?
  6. How is a decision determined on custody?
  7. How do you communicate regarding the details of the case?
  8. What am I to anticipate with a divorce proceeding?

These are the common questions most people will ask during the free consultation. If you have more details specific to your circumstances, have those written, so you remember to ask. You may also read this and find more questions that may suit your circumstances: https://www.worthy.com/blog/divorce/legal/questions-to-ask-to-your-divorce-lawyer/

Final Thought

A consultation with an attorney is a priority as soon as a decision is made concerning divorce to ensure that your best interests are protected from the very start. 

You do not want to prolong this meeting even if you have come to an arrangement where you have agreed not to do battle in court. Only you can ensure all your bases are covered. 

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by Sushree Swagatika

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