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Common Accidents On Carnival Cruise Ships

Everyone loves enjoying a grand cruise with family members, but these trips can have severe consequences when the administration on board is neglectful. Cruise ships are responsible for a vast number of accidents that often result in the loss of life. According to LM&W, P.A, when you get into an accident on a Carnival Cruise ship, you should speak to an attorney so they can investigate your case to find out if you are owed damages. 

The Most Common Accidents You May Encounter on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are rife with potential problems when the crew isn’t being attentive enough. About 60 injuries happen per year on cruise ships due to operational incidents alone.  You could experience losses and injuries for the following reasons: 

Slip and Fall Accidents

This is one of the most common personal injuries you could experience on a cruise ship. When walkways and other areas aren’t properly cleared, then you can end up with serious injuries. Wet and slippery surfaces are a frequent cause of slip and fall accidents. There may also be changes in elevation that result in falls. 

Swimming Pool Accidents

These accidents happen when you go swimming, and there are pool defects that result in injuries. For example, injuries happen when the steps or the deck floor is defective, the drain is broken, or no lifeguard is on duty to watch children in the pool. 

Food Poisoning

When the staff on board don’t properly prepare or mishandle food for their guests, this can cause illness. Food poisoning happens when food isn’t properly cooked, becomes contaminated, or is rotten. 


If a fire happens on a cruise ship, passengers can receive first, second, or third-degree burns. This can result in scars and disfigurement. 


Guests are at risk of drowning in pools when they are poorly maintained or have defective equipment. They can also fall overboard and drown. This can happen if the gate at the edge of the boat is faulty and collapses under the weight of a passenger or is too wide and has gaps that allow people to slip through. 

Escalator and Elevator Accidents

When escalators and elevators aren’t properly maintained, they can begin to malfunction. You can get injured by being trapped by the doors of an elevator or have body parts stuck in the gears of an escalator. 

Legionnaires Disease

This bacterial infection is very contagious and causes an illness that resembles pneumonia. It is easily spread in pools and hot tubs, and passengers can contract it just by enjoying a day at the spa. 

Recreational Activities 

You may get injured by participating in other recreational activities on board the ship. For example, there may be a gym, a playground, or other amenities. An example is if you are using a sauna on board a ship that hasn’t been properly maintained and catch a bacterial disease from sitting on the suana’s bench. 

Should I Speak to An Attorney About my Cruise Ship Accident?

After you experienced an accident on a carnival cruise ship, you should seek help from an attorney. This is helpful if you believe that the cruise ship is liable for your damages. An attorney can help you prove that the cruise company is at fault. 

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