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Can a Criminal Defence Lawyer Assist You with the Drug Charges? Crucial Points to Know

Hiring a leading criminal defence lawyer is the first thing to do when you get charged with drug possession. It is even more essential for students or young professionals because the drug charge can damage their reputation. It can also have an adverse impact on their academic life and make their future uncertain.

The drug crimes

The manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, possession, trafficking, and the use of specific drugs are entirely prohibited in the United States, both under state and federal laws. Hence, it gets considered as a drug crime. Some of the instances of banned drugs comprise marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. If you want to get assistance from a criminal defence lawyer for any drug charges, you can check out Sean Fagan Criminal Defence Lawyer of Calgary.

The penalties and punishments for the drug crimes

Several factors get considered for deciding the penalties and punishments for committing drug crimes. A few factors to consider are:

  • The kind of drug that gets used in the crime
  • The amount of the substance used in the crime
  • People involved in the crime
  • The objective of the crime
  • The location of the crime
  • If the person charged with the crime has an earlier record of a crime or not.

Hence, after considering multiple factors, the court will decide the crime category. They will determine if the crime was a misdemeanor or a felony, and based on the penalty, the punishment of the crime will be decided. Here the penalty might range from anything between $4,000 and $10,000 based on the crime severity. Also, the imprisonment can vary between 180 days of life and suspension of the driver’s license for about a year.

The reasons to opt-in for a criminal defence attorney

No drug charge is easy to bear. It can put your entire life, including your reputation, freedom, and the future. Also, there are various laws against multiple types of drugs associated crimes, and every case is different. Hence, it would help if you got in touch with an expert criminal defence lawyer who could fight your legal case in the court. The defence lawyers will possess good know-how on the drug-related laws and will know the way to lessen the allegation severity. Having a criminal defence lawyer will enable you to fight your drug charges better and ensure that the outcome is in your favor.

There are several ways in which the criminal defence lawyer can help you. They can collect the evidence and witnesses to defend you. They can cross-examine the witness and also discredit the case presented by the prosecution. Also, they can persuade the jury, judge, or prosecutor to bring down the punishment severity. The lawyer can also secure all your rights at every stage of the legal hearing process.

Last but not least, the criminal defence lawyer can bring down the crime charges and the penalty or punishment severity. For instance, what previously got charged as a felony might be considered a misdemeanor through the defence lawyer’s proofs, arguments, and witnesses.

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by Sujain Thomas

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