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All about Child Sexual Abuse and How Monetary Compensation Can Help Victims

Sexual abuse during childhood can result in devastating life changes that can negatively affect the development of the child. An individual’s childhood can get lost within the wink of an eye, and it can be a life full of regret and anguish for a survivor and the family members. 

Monetary compensation is never a sufficient and just way to compensate the victim of sexual abuse. No matter how big the amount is, it can never undo the harm a molester caused the person. But sometimes, financial support is needed to treat the victim and give all the medical assistance needed to bring the child back to the mainstream of life. So, the only financially viable option is to sue a school, church, camp operator, or any other third party that showed negligence in supervising and preventing the mishap. Filing a case against a third party becomes crucial because, oftentimes, a molester does not possess the money required for medical care and treating the long-term disability of the victim in question.


The outcome of such assaults

A child may 

  • get physically wounded
  • experience depression and anxiety
  • suffer extreme mental agony
  • loose self-esteem and confidence
  • cause self-harm
  • go through post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and various other psychological disorders

Children who receive treatment quickly after being molested have the highest likelihood of recovery because they come to realize that what happened was not their mistake. That’s why monetary support is required to start and carry on with the therapy procedures. 

If your kid or any child you know has faced sexual abuse, you must contact a reputable law firm immediately. Let them know about the incident in detail, and make sure to mention whether you would like to have the compensation paid in cash for your sexual abuse settlement or want it in any other way. It will help you to give the much-needed support as early as possible. Remember, delayed counseling can have serious effects and would require years of therapy to help get over the unfortunate incident. 

Some facts about child sexual abuse you must be aware of

Often, children have to narrate the incident of abuse to a number of individuals before appropriate action is taken. So, if a child approaches you and complains of being sexually exploited by someone, take him/her seriously and report it immediately to the concerned authority. There are some facts that have been found after thorough research on the subject.

  • Most of the time, child abusers are male. 
  • Unfortunately, these people are (in 60% of cases) both known to the child and the parents. They may be family friends, neighbors, club leaders, teachers, or camp counselors.
  • Another shocking fact is that around 30% of the time, the abuser is a relative. They can be an uncle, step-father, cousin, or grandfather.


The incidence of child molestation in the United States is greater than commonly believed. It happens daily in families and communities similar to yours. One out of six boys and one in every four girls in the U.S. are molested. So, if you come across any such incident, take the necessary action as soon as possible. The law is always with you. 

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by Sujain Thomas

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