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A Few Things About Domestic Violence Against Men

There is a general perception that women are the victims of domestic violence, while the truth can be something else. Because these cases go largely unreported, most people don’t know that men face this more than the other gender. But the law protects everyone without any bias. Hence, they too can expect respite from their trials and tribulations. It is a domestic violence crime when a family or household person uses violence against another. Mistreating a spouse or child is a part of this. However, the law doesn’t only take the person to task for causing physical harm but also for abusing them verbally, mentally, and sexually. In these legal cases, the relationship between the victim and their abuser remains a critical focus.

Types of domestic violence abuse used against men

Domestic violence against men hardly gets any attention until something big happens involving a superstar. It can be the nature of the violent act that doesn’t seem obvious at first glance but consists of several abusive actions against males. Everyone is most likely to judge them as isolated incidents, and the public is quick to defend the aggressors, who are typically female. But even women can use different tricks, like these:

  • Not letting him meet his family and friends
  • Being over-possessive and oppressive
  • Taking control of his finances and spending
  • Hurling abusive language and insults
  • Physically attacking by slapping, shoving, etc.
  • Using his embarrassing personal history or detail as a tool

These are only some examples of how even men face domestic violence. If you are one of them or know someone dear facing this, it’s time to find an attorney who believes in supporting male victims of domestic violence. It is more crucial because most support groups tend to be women-centric, led by stereotypical assumptions even when they should be gender-neutral.

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Things to do if you are a victim of domestic violence

Even though you are large and reasonably intimidating, you still have to be aware of the potential damage if someone decides to get violent with you. Although your size might scare your spouse away if they try anything, things can become more hazardous if you let your emotions run wild and lash out at them for trying to harm you physically. Exercise restraint over your behavior during a situation like this and make sure that you don’t try to retaliate against them because hitting first or last can land both parties in a lot of trouble with the law. One of you will face arrest as per the jurisdictional legal systems.

Police usually arrest the primary attacker, regardless of whether they started it. Hence, be careful of what you do.If you sustained an injury, take photos and seek immediate medical treatment.

If you constantly face abuse, you can seek legal protection against the attacker. Seeking legal help will ensure that the attacker doesn’t live with or near you for your safety. There will also be other conditions that will cause them severe criminal charges and fines for violations. You can talk to an attorney who specializes in these matters.

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by Sujain Thomas

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