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5 Reasons Why Couples File a Divorce

Several shifts in modern culture from seventy-five years ago helped us redefine what marriage is all about. These changes accompanied by shifting beliefs added more freedom regarding past stigmas about divorce. 

Each year that passes, there is a total of 9.00% in the divorce rate of married couples. This trend has been occurring in US landmarks and major cities. 

What are the Two Types of Divorce?

Couples who want to divorce can choose from two types: One is famous as “divorce from bed and board”, a kind of divorce available in some US states. The first type of divorce allows couples to separate legally. Divorce from bed and board is also typical amongst women who want to live independently while not entirely ending the marriage. 

Divorce from Bed and Board is also known as Limited Divorce. Suppose you are considering a divorce from your spouse; we advise calling the closest Sugar Land Divorce Lawyer that can help you speed things up. As we have mentioned above, there are two types of divorce. The other is known as Absolute Divorce. 

For those asking what Absolute Divorce is, let us clear things up. Absolute divorce is the most common type of divorce. The primary purpose of Absolute Divorce is to dissolve the past legal formalities of ending marriage altogether. Final divorce calls upon the Divorce law to implement what is known as a legal, clean break. 

Couples can use whatever methods are available in reaching their objective of ending a marriage. In this case, it is handy to have a divorce lawyer by your side to help you have a judge finalize a judgment of absolute divorce.

It has become a standard practice in the law to keep things formal and convenient for the breaking up of two parties. They have to label each of these methods as a different kind of divorce. We don’t want loving couples to end their marriage, but if differences and other reasons occur – then getting the best divorce lawyer is the right call for any of you. 

What are the 5 Typical Reasons Why Couples Divorce?

It is hard to imagine watching a loving couple get married and separated. If a couple has started a family, have kids, or share a growing business, the matter gets complicated. However, divorce rates have increased in the past few years. There is a 9% growth in divorce rates even in densely populated areas in the US alone. 

So why do married couples end up divorcing each other? In this section, we want to look at the typical reasons why this happens. 

Couples Stopped Loving Each Other

Simply falling out of love is a common reason why some couples decide to divorce. There are many divorce cases even right after the onset of the 2019 Pandemic. For example, government restrictions advising people to stay in their homes meant that married couples had a chance of getting to know each other more. In some cases, many people realized that they either did not know the other person, discovered things they disliked about the other or fell out of love. 


When people who love each other get married, their partners see their true colors. The situation might become explosive when they discover that their spouses are abusive individuals. There are many forms of abuse. The most common types of couples are physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, etc. If you are at the other end of an abusive relationship, it is best to consider calling your divorce lawyer.


Infidelity is the generic term describing a person who secretly commits to another relationship – whether sexual or romantic. It can also be similar to having extramarital affairs. Each situation might differ from one case to another. As a result of being discovered by their spouse, they will either talk things out, make amends, or file an absolute divorce. 

Mishandling Finances

Financial problems are also a typical reason why some married couples end up separated. In some examples, either their partners do not know how to handle resources well, being a spendthrift, or purchasing expensive things out of their budget. This habit could lead to conflicts and ultimately end up in divorce. 

Lack of Love and Intimacy

Not all people can express their affections well towards their partners. However, by visiting marriage counselors and therapists, a person can learn to communicate their wishes properly. However, if a lack of love, affection, and intimacy lasts for years, a couple might be on the brink of separation. 


Divorce is a legal practice where previously married individuals decide to get separated with the help of the law. There are two types of divorce which are limited divorce and absolute divorce. We hope that this article gives you some reasons why married people get separated.

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by Sushree Swagatika

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