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How to Become a Lawyer Without Law School

Every year thousands of professionals take bar exams and Law degrees to practice law in different parts of the country. All those who will pass this exam will become a step closer to practice lay in their respective states and those who fail will have to get back to studying and try their luck next year. Almost all the people who want to practice law follow these steps and toil hard to pass the bar exam. They take courses in an American Bar Association-approved school and spend lots of money to pass the exam. In an internship, they have to spend house fetching coffee for corporate lawyers and attorneys.

Not many know but out of all those who appear for the bar exam there are few who take a different route to become a successful lawyer. In this way, people are saved from thousands of dollars that people spend on bar exam preparation courses. Becoming a lawyer without going to college and taking a bar exam can be a very difficult and costlier way forward. Last year out of 83,963 people who appeared for the exam about 60 came from apprentices. Out of the 60 people, only 17 passed the test.

What to do for becoming a lawyer?

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There are many benefits of taking the apprenticeship for the purpose of becoming a lawyer. The most important benefit of this process is that it can save you thousands of dollars which you would have to spend otherwise on courses. Most of the students take some loan or debt for the purpose of a law degree and an apprenticeship can save you from getting into debt. This can let you study in the area where you want to practice your law and thus it can give you ample time to build a network of clients and contacts which can give a boost to your earning.

If you are someone who really wants to inflict any change then this can be the best process. When you do not have any major debt then you do not have put all your focus on earning lots of money. It can give you ample opportunity to look for cases and areas in which you have your interest and want to make some kind of change. This program can also make sure that you focus on the aspects which you want to make your career. You do not have to leave your house or your city to study law but on the other hand, you can get the best deal for yourself.

Requirements for the program

It must be noted that apprenticeship is a  very complex program and its requirements vary from state to state. If we consider an example of California then apprentices will be required to study and work with an attorney for about 18 hours every week for four years to get the required membership. Supervising attorneys will also have to monitor bi-monthly progress reports and take monthly exams of students. They would have to take a law examination after the completion of the first year and make sure that students are eligible for taking a bar exam.

Fees that are required for the apprenticeship are very less if compared with the law school tuitions. There is a basic fee break up which can provide you with a clear indication for the money required for the purpose of getting the apprenticeship:

  • Registration: $150
  • Bar council fee( every six months): $30
  • First-year law exam: $500 to $900
  • Exam after four years: $1000
  • Study material and books: $1000

Getting a supervising attorney

To get an apprenticeship it is very important that you find yourself an attorney who can help with the process. Getting a good attorney is very important as it can make sure that you get the best way to train yourself and get the much-required experience. in many cases getting an attorney has been a stumbling block as most of the time attorneys are not ready to take the responsibility of the apprentice. Also, there are many different laws when it comes to selecting an attorney. For example, if you consider California then the attorney should be practicing as a lawyer in California for at least five years. Apprentice will have to spend more than five hours every week with the lawyer who is supervising you.

Ideally, it is very important that you find a supervising attorney who practices law in the area in which you want to specialize in. this can be very crucial as it can make sure that you get the much-needed training and practice for your future. It will provide you with a chance to develop contacts and approach those who are looking for any such service. Supervising any apprentice is a very long-term commitment that needs a lot of time and energy. One also needs to take tests and administer the progress of the attorney. They would have to explain all the complex terms and make sure that all the legal topics are nicely explained to them. They should provide the students with opportunities for students to ask questions and doubt if they have any. An environment should be set up where students are let to explore the process of learning and get complete satisfaction and joy in the four years when they are with the supervisors.

Building Community

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When it comes to law school, one of the biggest benefits is that people are all the time surrounded by other lawyers and students. It can provide you with many good ways to build your contact and gauge the progress of your education. When you are in the apprenticeship program you would have to make a lot of effort for the purpose of building the contacts. One thing in which it works is that all the contacts that you will be building will be in your place of practice. You will also be surrounded by clients and it is very important that you learn how to deal with it. It is also very important that you join some discussion groups and forums of lawyers to increase your contacts. It can help you a lot in the long run and make sure that you get the success which you need.

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