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5 Effective Problem-solving Tips For Lawyers

5 Effective Problem-solving Tips For Lawyers


One of the key skills set which are required for a lawyer is being able to solve problems effectively. This is a skill that is scrutinized even when applying for a position in any law firm. There is no position in law professionals where it is okay if you are not able to solve problems effectively. Problem-solving ability is an important soft skill where a person is expected to solve the problems with grace and ease.

Lawyers are in a key role where everyday a new case or a new problem arises. It is important to understand the approach to solving the same. In this article, few effective and easy methods will be approached, which will give clarity as to what should be the recourse which solving any problem.

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  1. Understand the problem: while someone is sharing with you their problem, they put forward many details, some may be unnecessary as well. While solving one’s own problem, one may be provoked by some factors than the others. So, prima facie, it is important to understand what the problem is to be able to solve it.

Understanding the problem also involves analyses of what will the cause because of such a problem to have arrived, what went wrong in the first place? What additional circumstances added to increase the level of a problem? This will help give direction to solving the problem because you know what factor went wrong.

While solving any case, which is the daily business of a lawyer, scrutinizing the facts is the most important point. Step 1 is not listening to the problem and jump to a conclusion or solution. Find relevant Fact then analyses the reason, then analyses the factor and then think of a solution. This can be done by having background skills like fact-finding, active listening, and listening with screening.

  1. Evaluating the best possible solution

There is not only one solution to a problem. At times a problem may have numerous ways by which it could be solved. So primarily, evaluate all the possible solutions. And then go for the best one. How will you analyses the different options? Think about the problem differently. Think about the problem through different perspectives. For example, if you must deal with a case of consumer dispute, you have the option of approaching the consumer court or approach the civil court. In a similar case, if a legal right of a person is violated, whether the first approach the high court or the Apex court.

Find one solution which you think according to you, is the best. If you want to discuss the problem with someone, do it and do not hesitate to do so. Perspectives and options are always welcome. However, the final decision should be yours.

  1. Pay attention to details

Every minute details matter and can add a need line of thinking. For example, if you want to find the period of limitation, then pay attention to dates. Pay attention to dates in case of dishonor of cheque. While reading any agreement, find lacunas, find words like and/or, may/shall. These words though small, create a difference and helps understand the problem and find a solution, an effective one.

  1. Creating an alternative solution

Carefully weigh all the solutions. Not always will option A work, if your option B planned to avoid any distress. This will help give relief not only to the lawyer but also to the client. They have trusted you with their problems and letting them lose a situation and impression which cannot be changed or avoided.

Don’t worry about failure. Concentrate on the journey; eventually, a beautiful and effective solutions hall flourish.

  1. Be patient

By giving a patient, I don’t mean delay finding a solution to the problem. But,

  1. Categories how important the problem is and solves accordingly.
  2. Not every problem can be solved immediately. Some may take time, so be patient. Patient enough to know that your solution will work.
  3. Not every problem you solve in a way will be liked by people. Do not worry. However, do not adapt to some illegal or unethical methods to solve a problem.
  4. Sometimes, you may think a lot to find a solution but fail until you realize the problem could be solved by a simple step. So, understand, not all problems or cases require to have complex solutions. Sometimes, something simple is enough.
  5. If you are not able to find a solution by yourself, then discuss a different perspective on the same problem that may help you do some brainstorming.


Problem-solving is an art of skill and requires skills like listening, analyzing, understanding, and then creative thinking. Some may see the glass as half empty and think accordingly, and some may think it as half full and think accordingly. What is important is finding a feasible solution. Choose the right solution and keep helping yourself and others and celebrate your success.

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