Optimizing Debt Recovery with Feet-on-Street App: Key Features and Implementation

Leeds to visit several defaulting borrowers every day. This means that they need to travel all over the city and do it quickly. The main hindrance that field agents face while traveling is being sure of the whereabouts of the borrower. The borrower can even have multiple addresses where they can be reached which can make the task even tougher for the field agent. 

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In such circumstances, having an app that can point the field agent to all the required directions that they need to meet the borrower is of great help. It can greatly accelerate the speed at which the agents can visit borrowers and reduce travel time. It can also provide agents with the peace of mind that they don’t have to figure out the directions and they can simply rely on the app. 


This is exactly what the FoS app does. It provides intelligent route planning that can help field agents take the shortest route to where they need to be. 

Real-Time GPS Tracking

While the field agent is traveling around the city and visiting borrowers, executives need to have visibility over the performance of the agent. They need to be certain that the visits are being made, that the work is being done on time, that the agent can follow the right routes, and so on. This need for oversight is essential since field operations come with a large amount of flexibility.

That’s why the lender needs to be able to ensure that the field operatives are doing well at their job. Being able to track their activities will also help the lender in being able to decide how well each agent is performing and be able to provide a more accurate appraisal. 

This is where the FoS app can help. The app comes with built-in GPS tracking which allows the lender to keep a tab on the whereabouts of the agent. This can help greatly with the monitoring and reporting of the agent’s activities. 

Secure Communication Hub 

While monitoring is important, secure communication is even more so. The lender needs to be able to quickly communicate with all their agents. Legodesk has recognized this need and added a communication and chatting feature to the FoS mobile application

This ensures that all the communications between the lender and agent are in a single place and can be referred to in the future without hassle. All the communications are also completely secure which means that the chat history is only in the hands of the lender and agent. 

Imagine if a lender needs to send some urgent information to the agent about a particular borrower. They can simply use the communication hub which is part of the FoS app to reach the agent and keep them abreast of the latest updates. 

Automated Task Management 

Lenders need to assign tasks to each of the field agents and ensure that the agent’s understand their tasks for the day. It can be a source of confusion for agents since they may need to keep track of a long list of tasks. 

That’s where the FoS app can help. 

The app provides a single source of truth for the field agent. The agent can effectively manage their tasks through the app so that they always know what they need to do next. This kind of automated task management also updates itself as tasks are performed. 

This feature integrates with the monitoring and reporting feature of the app as well. This means that the lender is always kept abreast of the efforts through real-time tracking that they can access through the FoS app. 

Hence, the feature benefits the lender as well as the agent and provides a comprehensive way for agents to manage their activities. 

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Why Choose Legodesk?  

Legodesk is the first name in debt collection management thanks to its intuitive software platform that streamlines the debt collection process. Our software tool comes with a range of features such as case management, contact management, legal notice automation, and the Feet-on-Street app which we have discussed above. All the features of our software platform have been built keeping the needs of lenders in mind. We are trusted by banks, NBFCs, and enterprises to supercharge their debt collection efforts. 

Wrapping Up 

Field debt collection can be a highly challenging process. There are many moving parts to keep track of and the field agents need to be highly skilled to be effective at their role. Hence, lenders should take the extra step to make the job of field agents easier while also ensuring that the lender has complete oversight over the performance of the field agents also helping with field sales and sales optimization

Our software tool promises to be the one-stop solution for debt collection. 

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