Legodesk & the CADRE (Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution Excellence, are pleased to announce a collaboration offering users a unified, cost-efficient interface to manage their legal process and online arbitration requirements.

Legodesk is an automation-first platform with the goal of providing end-to-end workflows for legal teams. The platform bridges silos between departments, functions, and processes through tools such as


The CADRE is the country’s leading Online Arbitration Platform with fully digital, simplified, and efficient arbitration processes.

A Worthy Collaboration

Legodesk is happy to partner with The CADRE. This partnership will aid in the arbitration process; and, increase out-of-court settlements and reduce the burden on the judiciary.  With the joint offering, users will be able to track and manage the entire debt recovery process (demand notices, loan recall notices, notice to arbitrate, statements of claim, arbitration proceedings, and execution of award) from a single interface. 

While the Legodesk & CADRE systems are integrated seamlessly to offer the user a unified experience and a single point of reference through the entire lifecycle, they also work independently to ensure that the arbitration process is carried out in full transparency, fairness, and neutrality.

This is an industry-first collaboration and aims to create an ecosystem to foster the digitization of the arbitration process and make the debt recovery process faster, more economical, and scalable. 

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