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Streamline critical processes and centralize vital information to increase billable revenue and save time for your employees. Legodesk is the best Integrated technology software for your enterprise to manage vendors, increase clients and handle administrative tasks all in one place. 

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Why do you need Legodesk?

Case and Matter Management

File and matter organization that lets everyone who needs them access them quickly and stay up-to-date about amendments. Create your workflows, filters, and views. With role-based access, all documents remain secured from third-party security threats.

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Time Tracking and Calendaring

Make tracking time or collaboration easier for your employees. Directly import time entries from tasks and calendar events. Log communications (emails and calls), notes, chats, and documents to avoid losing important information.

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Document Management

Utilize templates to create documents, and then store them with your branding for future use. Find documents related to a case or client by using intelligent search. And, you can manage your entire document library using unlimited secure cloud storage.

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Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

Legodesk gives you access to an easy-to-understand visual dashboard that gives you real-time insights into your firm's key metrics and business KPIs. Get a clear picture of your employees’ performance, track productivity, identify areas where you can boost profitability, and track your progress over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best practice management software for Law Firms?

3000+ legal professionals across the world use Legodesk regularly. Naturally, they trust Legodesk as it offers them easy integration with tools they already use. Moreover, with features such as billing and invoicing automation and document automation, Legodesk tops the list of preferred practice management software for lawyers.  Legodesk understands the challenges associated with the legal profession and provides outstanding customer support available for any emergency issues.

What are your prices?

While choosing any platform, it is essential to consider the features and not only fixate upon the pricing. We, at Legodesk, offer a comprehensive range of services priced at a reasonable rate. You can find more about our pricing HERE.

Do you offer customization?

Every law firm is different. And, we understand that to accommodate your workflow, you might require some customization. Get in touch with our support team (mail to-, and we will help you.