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The effective billing software that saves time with smart finance management. Make your life easier. focus on practicing law and leave the rest to us. Get paid faster by generating timely invoices, sending them automatically to clients, schedule payment reminders, and more

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Highlighted Features


Set invoice generation date and mail them to clients without any manual intervention. Send reminders by setting up grace periods and automatically apply interest for late payment. Create custom email templates to send to clients and store them for further use.

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Smart Editable Invoices

We know that clients like to pay you in recurring payments and you need to edit the same invoices to be paid multiple times. Create your own customized invoice designed specifically for Law firms.

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Reports & Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your firm’s financials to make informed business decisions backed by real-time data. Track your firm’s financial performance and gain deeper insights to project future growth.

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Accounting on Cloud

Work seamlessly by integrating with your favorite billing and accounting software. Keep your accounts up-to-date by tracking every expense, the payment received, and deducted.

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Why Choose Legodesk?

Access Payment History

A transaction table that gives a timely view of each transaction- track payment failures, delays, and success easily.

Custom Payment Setup

Our platform supports a customized payment calendar for you to track each account separately.

Editable Invoices

Send customized invoices to your clients and edit them like a recurring invoice to allow your client to pay you flexibly.

Focus on Every Matter

Track your Finances individually for every matter as per the efforts, time and costs involved in them.

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