Manage your finance with automated legal e-billing software

This ingenious legal e-billing software ensures that you are paid sooner. NBFCs, banks, FinTechs, and law firms can create invoices with a single click, send them to clients automatically, set payment reminders, and more. Legodesk frees you up to focus on more important tasks by delegating repetitive work to automation.

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Highlighted Features of legal e-billing software

Billing and Invoicing

Managing your expenses, creating invoices, and sending them to clients online is now easier than ever with e-billing software. Legal teams can set up grace periods and automatic reminders for late payments and loan defaulters. Create, save, and send bespoke invoices to clients. Accept payments from all over the world using a variety of payment methods.

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Invoice Editor

Instead of creating a new invoice every time, employ the smart invoice editor in the e-billing software to modify and generate different invoices as needed. Keep track of all past-due invoices in one place and send clients automated payment reminders.

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Reports and Analysis

The reports and analysis feature of Legodesk e-billing software allows legal teams to gain a detailed understanding of their organization's revenues and expenses. Get real-time financial data and plan your future steps and projects only to succeed.

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Integrated Accounting

Legal teams can integrate their billing and accounting software with Legodesk's e-billing platform to keep their organizations running smoothly. To stay organized with their funds, they can keep track of payments received payments made, and other finance-related issues.

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FAQs on Legal e-billing Software

What is finance or invoice management software?

Legal e-billing software assists legal teams to automate tasks related to billing processing. When companies or accounting departments get invoices, these invoices usually go through an approval process, after which their data is matched with trades and purchase orders, as well as payments, and the invoices are created and sent to buyers automatically. Also, sometimes this invoice management software automatically adds interest to the late payments as well.

What does legal e-billing software do?

Legal e-billing software automatically generates bills or invoices for provided services and products. This software generates a list of services and products along with their respective costs and sends them to your customers as an invoice and also adds interest on late payments. These invoices are updated and sent to clients on a regular basis according to their billing cycles.

Why is legal e-billing important for legal teams?

Legal e-billing software helps legal teams in keeping a tab on investments, commitments, financial resources, bills, payments, and bottom-line results that can be expected from the implementation of the finance management software. Also, it gives you more time to work on more important tasks. It helps legal teams to automate the billing process and spend more time on their legal practice.

Does this software require legal teams to create new invoices every time?

No, legal teams don’t have to create a fresh invoice every time for a client, they can simply edit the previous invoices and generate different invoices as per their needs with the smart invoice editor, track all unpaid invoices and send automatic reminders to clients for payments. The software automatically updates the invoices and sends them to the clients on every billing cycle along with the email notifications.