Client Portal for Lawyers
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Never miss a conversation and let communication slip through the gaps with our intuitive Client Portal especially curated for Lawyers.

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Highlighted Features of Client Portal Software for Lawyers

Information Finder

Find everything starting from cases, and emails to individual invoices in one place. Keep client information up-to-date by auto-tracking client history and use this updated info in your workflows. Reduce time spent on information search and achieve more with less.

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Secured Chat

End-to-End encrypted communication channel for lawyers and clients to interact in a secure platform. Covered under the client legal privilege to let lawyers provide confidential advice to their clients.

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Create custom fields

An out-of-the-box solution to capture important information for your law practice. Create Custom Fields to capture additional contact details and map additional fields that can be mandatory/optional depending on your user base.

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Smart Collaboration

Share tasks with colleagues, or ask clients for documents through a secured client portal. Increase organizational efficiency by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Why Choose Legodesk?


Bulk import and easily migrate to Legodesk from your existing practice management software. Add features with our robust user-friendly API.


Add personalized billing preferences based on your client by specifying invoice generation date, rate type, contact attributes, and so on.


Track and sort clients by their hourly rate, billing profile- grace period, credit status- and make informed business decisions with ease.


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