Integrated Calendar for Lawyers and Law Firms Ultimate Task Management

Increase productivity of your law firm with Legodesk’s integrated task management system. Track court’s hearing dates, case progress, allot tasks to your team and manage your team’s workload. Legodesk’s legal task management software will get your law firm organized and run your practice more efficiently.

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Highlighted Features

Track Every Task

Set reminders and invite your team for every important event like deadlines, meetings, and court appearances. Track all the case details, case duration, appointed tasks’ progress on our all-in-one dashboard.

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Manage your Tasks

Start your day or month by assigning tasks to your team, creating to-do lists, keeping track of their progress, and marking completed tasks from one dashboard. Add unlimited custom tasks categories or use the predefined categories to assign tasks and streamline your law firm’s operations.

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Integrated Calendar

Legodesk’s integrated calendar keeps you connected to your clients, cases, and work. Integrate your calendar with Google, MS Office, and icalendar smoothly and track all your cases, meetings, appointments, and court hearings. Prioritize by case and see your most important notifications and deadlines at a glance.

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Event Alerts

Never miss any important event by setting alerts in your calendar and receiving reminders on/before time via SMS or/and emails. Now, it’s easier to plan your work schedule by keeping track of every little detail.

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FAQs on Calendar for Lawyers

What is task management software?

Task management software is a bright solution to prioritize tasks, manage time, and meet deadlines. The task management software will free you from wasting time making sticky notes, looking for emails and applications for to-dos, and deciding out what to work on first. Through good task management software, you can manage and assign tasks to your team members, collaborate with your team members, schedule meetings via synched in the calendar, etc.

What does task management software do?

Task management software is used to handle tasks, track time, and efficiently collaborate with the team. This is effective for individuals, teams, and companies to help them complete jobs effectively without missing any deadlines. Through task management software, companies can track tasks, assign tasks, set event alerts, coordinate with the staff, and so much more.

What is the importance of task management software for lawyers?

With task management software you can increase the productivity of your law firm by tracking court’s hearing dates, case progress, integrating calendars for meetings and event alerts, assigning tasks to your team, and managing your staff’s workload. A task management software will get your law firm in order and make your practice more efficient.

Is this task management software intrusive for law firms?

 No, this task management software is not intrusive for law firms, in fact, because of this, now it’s easier than ever to assign tasks to the team members, keep a record of who is working on what, how much time is consumed on a task, etc. With the help of task management software, it gets really easy and hassle-free to concentrate on the work and prevent time leakage in your law firm.

Are there any limits on the number of users, tasks, timesheets, projects, or other entries I can create in my account?

It depends on what kind of plan you have chosen like if you choose a $19 monthly plan you get a single user profile but if you use a $29 monthly plan you get up to 3 users role management. Also, there is no limit on the number of tasks, timesheets, projects, or other entries that one can create in their account. You can add unlimited tailored tasks sections or use the predefined sections to allot tasks and streamline your law firm’s procedures.