Legodesk Partner Program

NGOs & Legal Aid Clinics:

Legodesk has partnered with multiple NGOs to provide the best legal consulting to the lesser privileged in society. With our easy-to-use, web-based system, you can find a list of local and impactful lawyers to plead your case in the most rewarding way. Legodesk’s core functionality tools allow you and the lawyers easy access to research tools, store important documents, store client information, and manage other relevant information most conveniently.


Legodesk is used by thousands of lawyers, legal students, and professional PAN India. So, needless to say, we have a huge database of legal experts and documents that can help you win over your niche. With Legodesk, you can streamline your entire legal functionalities with process automation and sequence overflow. With great power comes great responsibility. Legodesk is a great tool for lawyers and legal firms to manage this responsibility.

Legal Websites:

Research is an important part of any legal profession. We have partnered with many websites that act as the watchdog of the novel profession by providing relevant information about anything and everything legal under the sun. Partner with us to gain more visibility from our thousands of clients who rely on Legodesk for their daily practice. Let your writers guest blog with us to earn a referral bonus and drive traffic to your website.

Offline Law Reviews:

Promote your brand by trusting the tool that is valued by thousands of legal professionals across India. Partner with us to get access to our exclusive database and target them for promotions. Get featured in our newsletter and get to the top of your niche.

Online Sellers:

Partner with us to drive more sales for your legal resources. Feature in our newsletter, get sited in our resource library to ensure the next time a lawyer in our database needs any book, they come to you. Manage your clientele in a paperless way directly from our database. Legodesk aids you in connecting with who can positively impact your business.

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