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Benefits of Partner Ecosystem

Who can Partner with Legodesk?

Any individual, social group, business entity or group, who wishes to promote Legodesk and its product offerings to earn additional revenue for themselves, can be a partner. 

Here is a list of the partner types that we presently offer. But, we are always open to exploring opportunities and if you need to discuss, write out to us at 

1. Associations:

Legodesk is devoted to making legal help accessible for those in need. In our effort to do so, we partner with non-profit associations to maximize our reach within the community and spread legal awareness. With our easy-to-use, cloud-based system, you can find a list of local and impactful lawyers to plead your case in the most rewarding way. Legodesk’s core functionality tools allow you and the lawyers easy access to research tools, allow unlimited cloud storage, important documents, client information, manage schedules, and other relevant information most conveniently.

2. Resellers:

We are always on the lookout for partners who can help us resell our product to a niche legal audience. We know your customers engage with you to find innovative business solutions and so,  we’ve created a program that provides the elements you need, with the support you want and the rewards you deserve. We enable you to customize, package, and sell our range of complete solutions. 

Take a look at our current Resellers HERE

3. Affiliates:

If you have a distinctive online presence with a generous following, this is the best option for you. Earn easy commission, if you can direct your audience to purchase our product by making them click on your affiliate partnership unique link. Promote Legodesk anywhere via our referral link, or use pre-made banners, emails, or placing links on blogs. 

4. Solutions Partners:

The Solutions Partner Program is an ecosystem of businesses that are willing to support Law Firms, lawyers, and corporates to set up their IT solution and will use our product to do so. If you are interested to learn, grow your business, and use the best technology in the process, this program is for you. 

Take a look at our current solutions partner list HERE

5. Integrations:

Introducing automation to business growth with our Integration opportunities. We make it easier for other innovative product and service providers to integrate our APIs with their tools to build an integration that benefits the end-user. Our diverse, trusted set of partners serve customers across the globe. Furthermore, when you join our partner program, you get exclusive benefits — including sales and marketing support, and 24×7 technical enablement — to help achieve business goals.

6. Service Partners

You can be a service partner if you provide services such as accounting, marketing, product development, maintenance, or training to law firms or related organizations. If you want to add value to your clients by improving their end-to-end management by introducing automation and earn a commission in the process, we are the right partner for you. Moreover, Service Partnerships are tailored to meet your particular ongoing ICT capability needs – meaning we define the terms of service based on your requirements.

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