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Competition and pricing are constant challenges for small law firms. If you run a small law firm, automation can help you save time and money while assisting your client acquisition efforts.

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Why do small law firms need Legodesk?

One integrated platform for all

Legodesk allows you and your colleagues to collaborate in one place. Role-based access management makes administrative work easy for everyone at your firm, from assistants to fellow lawyers. Simply, we can help you save time and make more money.

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Define your workflow

Personalize your client intake form. And manage your cases and clients efficiently by gathering the information you need. We offer comprehensive integration options so that you can work as you prefer. Moreover, cloud-based software is accessible from any device - mobile or desktop.

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Stay on top of your work

You will provide better client service and bill more hours by automating tasks and accessing case information quickly. You can easily see all your cases, documents, client details, and communications on your Legodesk dashboard. Track expenditures and minutes from anywhere, anytime.

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FAQs on Legal Software for Law Firms

What is the best practice management software for Law Firms?

150+ law firms across the globe use Legodesk daily. Naturally, they trust Legodesk as it offers them easy integration with tools they already use. Moreover, with features such as billing and invoicing automation and document automation, Legodesk tops the list of preferred practice management software for lawyers.  Legodesk understands the challenges associated with the legal profession and provides outstanding customer support available for any emergency issues. 

How Legodesk will help your law firm?

Legodesk offers a number of useful features to streamline your legal practice and save time and money. With Legodesk, law firms can track cases and matters online, generate and send documents, track time, keep an eye on finances and bills, do legal research, settle disputes online on its online dispute resolution platform, manage clients and contacts, and communicate with them securely. Legodesk takes up more than half of your daily responsibilities, so you're free to focus on your legal work.

What are your prices?

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When choosing any platform, it is essential to consider the features and not only fixate upon the pricing. We, at Legodesk, offer a comprehensive range of services priced at a reasonable rate. You can find more about our pricing HERE.

Do you offer customization?

Every law firm is different. And, we understand that to accommodate your workflow, you might require some customization. Get in touch with our support team (mail to, and we will help you.