Integrated Legal Research Tool for smart Lawyers and Law Firms

Legodesk's integrated legal research solution helps you win more cases.

It is easy, not, to find numerous case studies related to your cases via a simple search button, compare your cases with old ones through their timelines and judgments, and so on. No matter your practice area, legal research is an essential tool for both individual lawyers and law firms. 

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Highlighted Features

Find Case Studies

Through the simple search option, type in any keyword related to your case and find several case studies for your legal research. Legodesk makes legal research much more effortless and hassle-free with just a few clicks. Have doubts and need help on how to proceed, come to Legodesk.

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Compare Cases

In Legodesk’s research section, find relevant legal material and case studies and compare them with your case to always stay one step ahead of your competitors. Now you have the luxury to research without going through lots of paperwork, all thanks to Legodesk.

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Analyze Past Data

With the research option, now search for relevant case studies and analyze the law by reducing, separating, and breaking the law into separate elements. By carefully observing the case studies and the past judgments, predict the conclusion of your case and always be prepared.

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FAQs on Legal Research Tool

What is legal research?

Legal research is the method of recognizing and recovering information needed to support legal decision-making. Legal research involves each step of a sequence of action that starts with an outline of the facts of a query and concludes with the utilization of the results of the investigation. Legal research plays an important role for both individual lawyers and law firms in their particular fields of practice.

What does this legal research tool do?

With the help of a legal research tool, you can find case studies related to your cases to predict the verdict of your case, prepare for your case, save time from going through a lot of paperwork, get instant information on any case or law, etc. This legal research tool helps you sort the important facts from waste data in a few clicks.

For lawyers, what is the importance of legal research tools?

Legal Research helps lawyers concentrate on the facts of the case, distinguish the point of law in the debated issue. Legal Research also helps to prepare arguments that lawyers can use in court and they also need to put down the evidence in that case, which is also supported by research. Moreover, Legal Research reinforces the area of practice, since it backs up everything with reliable sources, evidence, and even past data.

Can we compare cases with this legal research tool?

Yes with Legodesk’s legal research tool you can find relevant legal material and case studies and compare them with your case to find legal loopholes, predict the verdict, prepare in advance, prepare arguments for the court and always stay one step ahead of your competitors. Simply go to the research section of your dashboard, type in the keyword related to your case and several case studies will appear on your screen.

Can we share our case studies with others?

Yes, you can share case studies with your team members or staff on Legodesk. Legodesk lets you and your team work together on a single platform and eliminate the chaos of offline office. You can securely connect on Legodesk with your colleagues and clients and share any information related to your case without worrying about hacking or data leakage. On Legodesk, you can easily find any case studies as well as share them with your colleagues and clients.