Document Management System for Lenders

Legodesk provides lenders with a user-friendly detailed document management system to store, edit, share, sync, and do much more with multi-format documents. With a single-view dashboard, the legal and collections team can track in real-time all legal notices across formats- digital and physical.


Highlighted Features

Scalable storage & Indexing

With unlimited storage, legal teams can store all their documents without worry. Moreover, with our intelligent search engine algorithm, they can retrieve documents just by entering the file key or searching text content within PDF, spreadsheet & word documents.

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Workflow Setup

Legodesk allows legal teams to add workflow or set compliances to a document or to a group of documents. Currently, these requirements are met by creating shared document folders on cloud workspaces. By upgrading to Legodesk, legal teams can not only manage documents as a team but also track changes, comments, or edits

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Role-based Access

Our top-of-the-line security and role-based access ensure that your documents and data are safe from third-party access or hacking. According to the requirement, legal teams can now allow access, freeze their documents, or password-protect their files. You can now select the level of protection that best meets your needs

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Our proprietary Document Management System integrates with your existing tech stack- be it emails, billing software, office suites, or other productivity tools. This way, you are better at handling, creating, storing, sorting, organizing, securing, and sharing your borrower data and loan documents. 

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FAQs on Document Management Software

What is document management software?

Document management software for lenders is automatic software for planning, obtaining, capturing, digitizing, tracking, validating, and performing tasks with your legal files.

Why is document management important for legal teams?

Reliable document management software can help legal teams organize all of their files and data in a single place, keep a record of all of their essential documents, speed up the workflow, improve efficiency, and provide around-the-clock access to any borrowed-related documents.

What does document management software do?

Document Management Software reduces paperwork by storing the documents correctly on the cloud. All borrower-related documents are correctly sorted, numbered, versioned, and archived.

What kind of documents can a lawyer store in Legodesk?

Legal teams can store unlimited documents and files of all kinds, be it text, image, audio, or video; Legodesk supports all. Also, it is very easy to find any document in Legodesk, you need to type the keyword related to your files and click the search button.