E-signature: Create and edit the documents as per your need and share it with your clients and colleagues. No need to download or scan the document. Receivers can access the document and sign it through our signature merge feature.

legal document management

Organize your documents: We know managing hundreds of documents is not only tedious but also challenging for any Lawyer or a team. You can now organize your documents that same way you manage your Manila Folders in your Law firm. Save hours of effort by collaborating with your clients and team by organizing their documents effectively.

Auto scalable Document management system for Lawyers

Auto-Scalable storage– You can be a Large Law Firm that manage hundreds if not thousands of Clients or an Individual practitioner. Our storage system does not differentiate. Now, Manage your firm’s storage on an Auto Scalable storage architecture that scales as per your requirements and is accessible anywhere and anytime you want it.

Tips for an in-house counsel

Bank Grade Security: Security compliant platform with enterprise-grade security to ensure your data remains privy to third-parties, phishing, and hacking. Our 128 AES encryption technology makes your documents impossible to hack.Invite clients to collaborate or colleagues to work together seamlessly and with more confidence.