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Time Tracking

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Following steps

You can track cases by visiting the cause list in the Legodesk App. 
The steps to track a case from a cause list involves the following:

1. On the second page, you have to enable an option to accept payment.

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2. You will be able to set up a per-hour rate of your services.
3. There are entries and tracking options inside the case detail like:-
Manual Entry  
Both Manual and auto tracking

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 4. A lawyer can research case matters and start to add events as research according to date and time can do.

5. The following action can be taken by you:-
a. Add case details and track the effort manually
b. You can directly enter the total time on the calendar
c. Auto tracking will automatically track the time.

      6. After the time is tracked it should be available on the list of tracked efforts.

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 7.   If the option of billable is checked yes it can also be added to the expenses.

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 8.  This helps you in knowing how you spend every minute of the working day.

 9.   This can easily calculate your bill to the client.




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