Interactive Dashboard

Exhaustive & insightful Law Firm Dashboard

View individual and total billable hours of your firm, directly from your dashboard. Identify opportunities, address issues, and improve overall efficiency. Centralized visual dashboard to gain financial, performance, case, and customer insights.

Exhaustive & insightful Law Firm Dashboard

Highlighted Features

Identify Lapses: With a 360-degree view of the entire legal practice, you can easily identify lapses happening from your side. Track how much is the actual billable hour, or how much are you making/losing.

Billing Insights: Address write-offs with the overall view of invoices generated over a period of time. Find out approaches that are working or case types that are more profitable to shift business focus towards them.their documents effectively.

Case viewView time and resources spent on each case to get insightful reports that help you predict the future scenario under similar circumstances. View cases that need your urgent attention and direct resources purposefully.

Performance TrackerWith billing insights and hours tracker, you can track the performance of each colleague by tracking the number of new clients added or old clients brought over. Identify trends and plan budgets and resources accordingly

Why choose Legodesk?

Track KPIs

Track the three important KPIs- utilization, realization, and collection rates- to see how well your firm is performing.


Secure and easy platform which needs minimal technical knowledge for use. The user-friendly platform is compatible with your PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Impactful Insights

Important people and metric insights to your fees billed in a month, hours billed, cash receipts, and revenue per lawyer at one place.


No need to maintain your own server, access everything on the cloud with unlimited data storage. All you need is a steady internet connection.

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