Calendar & Tasks Management

Smart & Intuitive Calendar

Legodesk calendar not only lets you schedule your appointments and daily tasks but also sends out reminders for your important business events. Now, track court hearing dates to stay organized on-the-go. Update individual client milestones and schedule multiple meetings easily.

Highlighted Features

Track each deadline: Track deadlines, court dates, and meetings. File each motion on time with your smart legal assistant. Set custom reminders and send invites to colleagues to collaborate on each case.

Collaboration:Collaborate with co-counsels by reminding them about deadlines and important dates through auto-reminders. View colleague’s calendars to check their schedules and set meetings at a convenient time.

IntegrationYour Legodesk calendar can integrate with Google calendar, MS-office calendar, and iCalendar to make scheduling a breeze. Send meeting requests through email directly from the calendar or edit your schedule from the mailbox with ease.

AlertsSkip your fear of missing out on important events with a customizable weekly matter alerts configurable for your entire organization. Plan your schedule and keep track of everything meticulously.

Why choose Legodesk?

One calendar

For all your needs. Collate your Google calendar, iCalendar, and other reminders into the Legodesk platform and access everything from one screen


Edit all your events from any device any time or schedule calls with our secured app custom-made for lawyers like you.

Smart scheduler

The Legodesk scheduler can access the calendar of each participant to set up meetings without any human intervention.


Specially designed for lawyers to automate their law firm by allowing clients to book appointments with the team.

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