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6 Client Service Tips for Lawyers

Client Service Tips for Lawyers


Like every business, the law is also a business. A lawyer needs to understand the importance of a happy client. Changes are crucial and changing as per the change is also imperative. It is essential that a lawyer is able to articulate the fact that why should any person choose him over the other lawyers in the market? In this article, some of the ways by which client experience can be improved will be discussed.

Lawyer’s business also runs with the clients and to retain the clients, and it is integral to increase the client experience. A happy client is a happy lawyer and a happy business overall.


The ways to improve can vary depending upon the clients one has on the plate. Some ways work of every person, so here goes the list.

  1. Client interaction

The most important facet is to interact with the client. Interaction can be done through various modes, like meeting face to face, telephonic conversations, e-mails. How does interaction help is, they start believing in the capability of the lawyer, in turn, resulting in better client experience.

The client experience starts with the very first contact. So, make sure, your assistant or you, whoever picks up the call, is interested in the client and eager to take up challenges and solve the client’s problem. If you keep them waiting for long hours, sound uninterested in the case, it may create a situation of annoyance.

Some token or a simple message on occasions of festivals, or new year can help the clients retain with you and also a reminder that you are their valuable client. The result will be a happy client.

  1. Understanding the clients and their concerns

Understand from the perspective of the client, their needs, and demands. Only when you understand the concern, you can find a solution. Finding a solution that works will result in a happy client and a well-settled case for you. Understanding the concern will help you analyze the problem better. As a lawyer, you may find 10 loopholes in a problem, but first, understand what the loophole is found by the client. Improve upon your listening skills, with correct body language.

In case of a dispute which involves personal relationship like matrimonial, it is very important first to understand the relationship in accordance with the client. It will also help you understand what the client seeks as a remedy, which in turn will make you fight for it harder.

  1. Give generous replies, communicate

Judicial matters take time. The client needs to have patience. This patience will come automatically when the lawyer communicates the updates of the case. Be clear about the fees about the charge. Honesty is the key.

For Example, The matter has been filed and listed for this date.

For the matter tomorrow, kindly be present by 10 a.m.

As discussed with you earlier, kindly attend the meeting scheduled.

Other ways, if you are client has any query, make it a policy of your professional life to reply within a bracket of 48 hours. And make sure you sound generous.

For example: Extremely apologetic for not being able to answer your queries. I will be glad if a meeting could be planned to discuss the matter and answer your queries.

  1. Win the trust, show you are capable

Like any other business, the legal business also runs on trust and satisfaction. This trust may be built not by just saying but actions like completing the task before deadlines, yourself approaching the client for any sought of clarification rather than waiting for the client to contact you. Discuss with the client the legal position, and what have you thought for them, how will you take forward the legal issue and get the remedy sought by them.

Careful attention to details: Improve upon the communication by seeking more details and then pay careful attention to those details. The details can be very useful to win a case and also gain the trust because then they know you are really working for the case and not just treating It like it is of least importance.

  1. Advance technologically

Technological advancement is a basic requirement for any satisfaction. Having a website that has all the required information provided will help the client even before they think to approach you. And knowing your basic details, area of expertise will also help you save some time. Create responsive and smart bots on the website to answer the simple queries of the individuals which they seek through the website. Enable the website which helps you understand the matter primarily and schedule a meeting if required as per the available slots.

  1. Feedback of the client

Client experience can be immensely improved if you give them an opportunity to tell you how to serve them better. At the starting of the case, get clarity of what their expectation is, what is their most thought for the medium of communication, etc. In the middle of this relationship, seek advice as to what should you improve upon. And at the end say them for any other legal problem in your area of expertise, you will be ready to help.


Marketing is very crucial in the field of law, of which an important aspect is improvising the client experience. When you know the client, you can enhance your relationship with them. The points discussed in this article will help enhance your client experience with all clients.

by supriya dash

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