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5 Things a Lawyer Can Do to Grow Legal Referral Service


Nobody can survive or strive alone in this world whether we are in legal or any other profession. We need people, and we need advisors; we need people who can be approached when the situation is not in our control. This is called a legal referral service. The situation at the end comes to the question of whom do you know? As we often have conversations like X, the highest-paid lawyer in India, is my friend. In this article, what are certain ways of improving upon your referral network will be discussed.


There may have been times when you missed something really important which you deeply aspired because you didn’t have contact or because someone who had contact took away the opportunity. So, having a jack is important. Building the lawyer referral network will automatically help you build the client referral network. That’s another of defining your capabilities. If someone who is my friend’s lawyer but not expertise in matrimonial disputes, but I am, referees the matter to me, this helps me build contact with the person who referred the client and also the client.

Referral networks can also be rightfully built through various marketing strategies. Marketing is a vital tool for establishing contact and network among both lawyers and clients

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There are many people who might know you. But what is important is they remember you at the right time. To ensure this regular communication can be the key, but it is practically not possible to regularly connect with every person in this field, you know. So what one can do is prefer an email newsletter or by creating a broadcast list on WhatsApp and send regular messages to be it on any festive occasion or any judgment passed.


Keep learning and educating. The field of law and education will always go hand in hand. What one can also do is wrote blogs which have the potential of reaching a wide range of audience; in this way, one can also increase the client referral network and the lawyer referral network.

This will benefit you by the way that people will understand your passion for the law, and the way you showcase your legal knowledge is very important. There are constant seminars that are being organized, be a part of it for the students and other lawyers to know you, and they themselves come forward to build contact with you.


Often will aiming the big shot, we do not value the small contacts who can be of big help when required. There can be various ways like an internship, meeting them in discussion panels, attending conferences, etc. The small contacts will help in the future to make big contacts.

For example, the “legal head at Amazon” sounds a very attractive position, and a person must have contact with. But there can be one more small referral which helps you reach this contact, so do not understand any person in the legal fraternity.


Social media is a huge platform where one can build contacts. One of the biggest platforms is LinkedIn which is a platform to build your professional network. Where you can connect and share your profile, you can send messages and seek advice, and you can also view profile. This helps to connect and contact. Be viewing the profile, and one can easily identify who can be a potential referral contact.

Big part of formal and informal groups and sectors which can be of use help connecting and talking about any problem or seek any advice


Being a part of the local Bar association or the Supreme Court Lawyers Association or any local lawyer association will certainly yield benefits for your referral network. Also having an office that is shared with other co-lawyers can also help build contacts. By this, you will have friends in your field and increase the credibility of the profession.

For example, everybody working in the same law firm as you, are your referral contact so maintain a relationship with themselves so as to access the contacts they share outside the organization.

If you are an individual practitioner, then prefer having an office at the Supreme Court or High Court Chambers. This is beneficial because you share the space but also have your privacy intact.


Referral also along the lines includes reputation and this reputation of yours and the referral is at stake, which will depend upon your performance. Getting clients is still easier than retaining one. So do not put that impression at stake. You can also be a vital contact for someone, so help everyone you can because if you help someone today, you can expect the same in the future.

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