Importance of Human rights


Human rights are basic rights or principles which a person has just simply because he/she is human regardless of their origin, country, religion, language, or any other status or also how they chose to live from birth until death. These values are defined and protected by law. Human rights are relevant to all of us, not only those who face repression or mistreatment. Only because of these rights you can express your opinions, can have education, can have a private and family life, and you can not be mistreated or wrongly punished by higher authority.

TYPES OF HUMAN RIGHTS A/C TO UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Right)

When the UDHR (UNITED NATION UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS) was released, it had two purposes:

one to provide a guideline for the future and two to force the world to acknowledge the same during World War II, (because after world war we have lost so many lives unnecessarily and the governments in some countries do not provide the basic requirement of the people)

Initially, the Human rights of many individuals had been infringed on a very large scale. So that governments can be held accountable for their actions if they are violating what stands under Human Rights. There’s power in naming injustice and pointing to a precedent, which makes the UDHR and other human right documents so important. UDHR states that there are some basic laws that must be practiced or some rights must be given to people to ensure human dignity, individuality, equality, and also to protect them.

  1. To have marriage and family
  2. The right to claim your own belongings
  3. Freedom of thought
  4. Freedom of expression
  5. The right to public assembly
  6. The right to democracy
  7. To have a social security
  8. Worker’s right

These rights ensure that everyone is able to live their lives and express their thoughts and ideas without any external constraints irrespective of their social or financial standing.


Human rights make sure that people have their basic needs

There are some fundamental needs required by everyone, such as access to medicine, food and water, clothes, and shelter. When these are included in a person’s basic human rights, everyone has minimal requirements for living. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people in the world who don’t have these necessities, but by including these matters under human rights allows activists and others to work towards getting fundamental requirements for everyone.

 Human rights protect vulnerable groups from abuse

For the first time, Human Rights were created largely because of the Holocaust and the horrors of WWII. During that time in history, the most vulnerable in society were targeted, including those with disabilities. Organizations concerned with human rights focus and protected members of society most vulnerable to abuse from those who misuse their powers, instead of ignoring them.

Human rights encourage freedom of speech and expression

Human rights allow people to stand up against inequality and corruption. Being able to speak freely without fear of denial is only due to human rights. It includes ideas and forms of expression that not everybody will agree with, but no one should ever feel like they are going to be in danger from their society or government because of what they think or say. It protects people who want to express or argue with certain ideas in their society.

 Human rights give people the freedom to practice their religion

Human rights also ensure that the importance of religious sentiments in every person’s life religion. That is why spiritual beliefs and let them practice in peace is one of the important humans’ rights. The freedom to not hold to religion is also a human right.

Although religious violence and oppression can also be seen all over the world and throughout the history in the name of religion, those are the only imposition of their own beliefs and invasion of one’s rights and thus can only be treated as a crime.

 Human rights allow people to love whoever they choose

It is one of the most important rights, as only because of this, people can choose how their love life looks. The consequences of not protecting this right are clear when you look at countries where LGBT people are oppressed and abused, or where women are forced into marriages they don’t want.

 Human rights provide equal work opportunities

The civil society in which human rights are provided equally without considering caste, creed, gender, etc., work opportunities are found in great measures. Right to work is considered important among all. Without acknowledging them or providing something related to this, that the work environment can be biased or downright oppressive, each individual may find themselves enduring abuse or not much or sufficient opportunities. That is why, under this, these rights provide guidelines for how workers should be treated and encourages without any biases.

 Human rights provide access to education to everyone

Education is considered as the key success to every person. Education is as much important as eating food; this part is so important for so many reasons and is crucial for societies where poverty exists on a normal basis. Seeing education as a right means, everyone can get access, not just the elite, which is the responsibility of the government.

 Human rights protect the environment

In recent years people have come to know the importance of nature and the services it offers. There is a better understanding of natural resources due to climate change and the effects it has on people. As we live in the world, we need the land, so it makes sense that what happens to the environment impacts humanity. Thus right to clean air, clean soil, and clean water are all as important as the other rights.


If we draw our attention on every right, there are so many rights which may not be justiciable in a court of law but is necessary for every individual to spend their quality life without hurdles. So, it is recommended that along with the fundamental rights mentioning on constitution government may also be securing some Human Rights also as it plays a very significant role in each and every individual of the country.

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