Meeting the justice system ends is an extremely difficult task, but it is important because the government should improve the justice system by automating the process. The number of cases each day in a courtroom is hard to imagine. Case management of the courts is not yet governed by any codified laws. In the case of Salem Advocates Bar Association v Union of India[1], the Supreme Court sought directions in this matter, and thus, a report was published by Justice M. Jagannadha Rao was published.[2] The paper constantly focuses on the importance and need to adopt a uniform case management system.

Courts are empowered with the duty of adjudicating matters by applying the relevant laws and pronounce a judgment. Making the system of courts simpler can help expedite the judicial proceeding. There are various aspects of court procedure and numerous formalities to abide by. So, a system managing the technical aspects can result in justice being granted on time.

Main Functions and drawbacks

The main work of the court can be summed up as receiving documents, preparing for administration, content preparation, elaboration of content and decision making, sending the documents back and archiving. There occur problems like case file missing, stolen case files, important papers of the case missing, evidence not found, evidence not in a proper manner. And there is a simple solution to these technicalities. This system will also help in guarantying the privacy of the cases, which helps to maintain the necessary confidentiality and thus helps prevent the malpractice in the court system.

The number of papers which is used in a court, if stopped, could save millions of trees each year. The data being in papers is even vulnerable to act of god like fire or any fraudulent act like theft. To avoid such circumstances, and the case being dropped off for such reason, courts should start following case management in a proper way. Such a drastic change will also ease up the data backup process and helps in duplicating the matter in a simpler manner. Ghana is one of the first countries to adopt electronic court case management system.

What will be the benefit of electronic court case management system?

  1. Reduced use of Paper
  2. Proper and easy storage of Data and cases
  3. Proper Back-up of data and cases
  4. Time-saving in finding and computing the data
  5. Helps to eradicate technical issues
  6. Faster and efficient process
  7. Easy access to data through various systems with the help of secure login
  8. Security of data
  9. Reducing risks of crimes like trespass, fraud, data breach
  10. Knowledge of Court process
  11. Customized as per the demand of the users
  12. Easier to track the cases and number of cases
  13. In automating the process, the old cases will be tracked and can be taken up for faster disposal

With the help of appropriate rules, if the case management system is introduced, then it will be very effective and efficient which shall speed up the process of disposal of cases in a proper manner which in turn will help get more time to adjudicate upon complex cases. Talking of another aspect, when now everything in the nation has become electronic, then why is there a delay in applying the same to the judicial system of the country. For Example, there will be a lot of saving of time if written submissions are provided online even before oral arguments. This gives additional time to the judge to be prepared for the case. This system can also be used to serve notices, summons, check if the affidavits, joinders, rejoinders are filed. This system can be used at any stage of the case.

Therefore, getting a unified system worldwide for each and every court will speed up the process and the challenges faced can be solved easily. The court case management system should be now adopted and personalized as per the Indian Courtroom scenario, and then tasks can be made easy. Technology combatted with justice can add to the success of the judicial system. Thus, Electronic court case management system can be made functional. The case management system can be devised as per the courts or the judges, but there needs to be some uniformity as to rules of court and a fair system, this gives an added leverage to the Judicial system.



[1] Writ petition (civil) 496 of 2002


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