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Section 194 I – TDS on Rent

Section 194 I of Tax Deduction on Source states: “Rent – Any person not being an individual / HUF responsible for paying rent has to deduct tax at source at the following rates. (a)...

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IND AS Applicability – Indian Accounting Standards

What is IND AS? Indian Accounting Standards (AS) can be understood as standards for the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) to ensure that Indian Companies are accessible globally. These standards adopted were made mandatory...


Place of Supply of Goods under GST

Goods and Services Tax (GST), one of the biggest indirect-tax reforms in India, is a destination based tax system or a consumption-based tax system which means the consuming state will collect the GST whereas...


Section 269ST of Income Tax act, 1961

Black Money is one of the biggest problems in the Indian economy. One of the root causes of this has been the cash transactions between parties in India. Cash transactions leaving no record behind...


GST Migration Procedure

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Goods and Services Tax(GST) is an Indirect Tax in India. It is levied on the goods and service at every step of the production process. However, it is refundable to...

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Advance Tax Payment

What is Advance Tax Advance Tax or advance income tax is a type of Income tax. It should be paid in 4 installments in a financial year. It is a concept where government collects...