Law as a career in 2020

Introduction: Whether you are in high school or enrolled for any graduation courses, you may be interested in knowing about the scope of the law as a career option. Law typically is understood as a body of legitimate rules and regulations, within the particular territory of a state or nation. Laws, keeping into consideration the […]

What are the 5 main sources of law in India

The word ‘law’ is of great parlance in today’s world. It is very essential to know the law of land to survive in society and escape from its unethical behavior. To determine the law, it is important to know its sources and from where it is derived. Law in India has been derived from multiple […]

Top Eight law colleges in India

Knowledge counts. Therefore, it gets very important to seek education from a good institution, no matter what you want to learn. Law is one of the widest, complicated and difficult subjects. One who knows the techniques to study the subject conquers it. For a law student to become a good lawyer or advocate in the […]

What is the difference between Rule, Law and Act

The words Rule, Law and Act – The words Rule, Law and Act are almost interchangeably used in the subject of legal studies. They are three of the most common words when we read any content of the law. Though they seem similar, they aren’t the same. There are differences between them. The term ‘Law’ […]

What Do You Understand By The Term Embezzlement?

It is the act of fraudulently converting another’s property by the person who is at such a position of trusts as an employee or an agent. It is the wrong trust obtaining property by some kind of false pretenses like a trick or lie, and at the time when the property is transferred, which forces […]

What Do You Understand By The Term Perish?

Introduction to the term Perish Like in fairy tales this word ‘Perish’ is heard many times, but what is the meaning of perish. This term means to die or to disappear. Perish meaning can be understood as to destroy someone through privation, violence, etc. Perish is suffering from spiritual death or suffering destruction or ruin. […]

What Do You Understand By The Term Discernible?

Introduction To The Term Discernible The word ‘Discernible’ means capable enough to be discerned or to be distinguishable from other things. If something is able to be discernible then anyone can see it, or its existence will be recognized. In a Discernible meaning in simple words is Noticeable. Discernible can be used in two ways: […]

What Do You Understand by the term Demarcate

  The word Demarcate means to determine something or to limit or mark off the boundaries. It also means to separate distinctly. Demarcate is to delimit the things or to set apart. Like, boundaries of the country are drawn to make it clear that it is separate from other countries boundary. When a person is […]

What is the legal definition of detention?

Introduction to Detention The act of detaining or the state of being detained is called Detention. Detention can also be defined by other words like confinement or imprisonment, but it is usually for a short period. Even if it is a school punishment that a student has to stay after school then also it will […]

What Do You Understand By The Term Submergence?

Meaning of Submergence This term has many meanings like sinking and putting below the water surface, to immerse in water, cover, and overflow with water, to bury or to subordinate, to suppress. There are various cases of submergence like submergence of land, submergence of rice, and submergence of cultivators, etc. Plants and crops get submerged […]