How Clients Hire Their Lawyers?

Not every matter which has a certain relation with the legal field requires the use of a lawyer. But, in many situations involving a legal dispute, challenge, or deal, it is required. Everybody may not wish to take the risks of going it alone without consulting any expert of that particular area, who can help […]

High Courts in India

Introduction The present article is about the superior or supreme court in a state, generally, called the High court. The High Court usually refers to the superior court of a state. India has a cohesive judiciary system as we all know, and the Supreme Court is the apex court situated in New Delhi. The High […]

Highest Paying Fields of Law

Law is a profession which would have an entire scale regarding salary levels. It offers a plethora of different specializations and jobs in the profession. India, as a country itself, has a fluctuating market with respect to jobs. Certain jobs are prone to saturation, such as certain departments in the Information Technology industry. Demand in […]

Law as a career in 2020

Introduction: Whether you are in high school or enrolled for any graduation courses, you may be interested in knowing about the scope of the law as a career option. Law typically is understood as a body of legitimate rules and regulations, within the particular territory of a state or nation. Laws, keeping into consideration the […]

Non- Resident Indian

Meaning of Non-Resident Indian Non-Resident Indian means a person resident outside of India who is either a citizen of India or person of Indian origin (PIO). PIO has been defined differently in different notifications, so the termĀ  Non-Resident Indian can have different meanings. In general, PIO is a person of Indian origin who is not […]

How to become a Judge in India? Who are eligible?

Becoming a Judge in India Becoming a judge or a magistrate in India is perhaps one of the most respected/coveted positions one could have dreamt of. In a Democratic country like ours, where the judiciary enjoys Independent status, becoming a judge is a position of responsibility and pride. The working and effectiveness of the judicial […]

Types of Lawyers That Make The Most Money

Law is one of the most lucrative career options, not just in India but in the entire world. The landscape of legal education has changed. Gone are those days when after getting an LL.B degree, law graduates started litigating or became judges. Yes, in today’s time of modernization of the legal education there are approximately […]

Liquidated Damages

The Indian Contract Act,1872 is a statute which governs the law of contract in India, its enforcement, various provisions regarding non-payment and breach. Damages can be of two types one is Liquidated damages, and another one is unliquidated damages. In case of breach of contract, the party who is injured by the breach can bring […]

Taxpayers Don’t Fall For These Types of Tax Scams in India

One would think that an honest taxpayer would be free of hassles related to such payment of tax. But this is not always the case. Anything that involves money, and even tax, is susceptible to fraud and Scam. Cyber-crime is not uncommon in the tax end of matters. And those who regularly use the internet […]