Important subject for becoming Lawyer

The Law field in today’s time is one of the most respected, reputed and always a field of much demanding. Initially this field has certain areas like civil or criminal, but with the growth of globalization, complexities of business companies or organizations and industries have also increased tremendously, and ultimately this becomes the important reason […]

Benefits of Becoming a Lawyer

Individuals, who wish to join a mainstream career option, would likely be benefited from gaining insight into their desired field of profession. In this post, we have listed the benefit of becoming a lawyer. Whether be it a country like India or any other, the law is still not a saturated field as it is […]

Aspiring to be a lawyer? All you need to know

Lawyers are entitled to but not limited to, providing legal services to the public at large, which includes advising, representing clients, negotiating, arbitrating, etc. Becoming a successful lawyer requires skills and knowledge at its best. The requirement of each country may vary some experience which is required to be possessed by every lawyer is extensive […]

Highest Paying Fields of Law

Law is a profession which would have an entire scale regarding salary levels. It offers a plethora of different specializations and jobs in the profession. India, as a country itself, has a fluctuating market with respect to jobs. Certain jobs are prone to saturation, such as certain departments in the Information Technology industry. Demand in […]

Procedure to draft a good Moot Court Memorial

The plethora of skills required to qualify as a competitive student is what drives educators to enhance the student experience. A law student or lawyer must know to draft a good court memorial. Various opportunities to learn real-time dynamics of the vocation are provided in laws schools through activities like the moot court competition, ADR […]

How to Structure Internship Plan for a Law Student?

Doing internship in law and planning to make a career out of it is a dream of many. But, many of the law aspirants get confused from where they should start their initial stage. The ones, who as fresher’s, are often scared by the challenges of harmonizing and balancing their life between the school life […]

What book should an aspiring law student read?

To study law is not just mugging up some bookish knowledge. In fact, the study of law involves a lot more than just studying merely from the syllabus. If you want to hone your skills as a budding lawyer, there are certain books which are a must read. Those books will certainly help in nurturing […]

The Best TV shows That Every Law Student Should Watch

The Best TV shows That Every Law Student Should Watch Did you know that if you are an aspiring lawyer there are other ways besides your law books that can help you become a better lawyer? You need not go far to find out those ways and become an expert lawyer. In fact, it is […]

Top 10 Websites for Indian Law Students

It has been generally believed among different sections and groups of the society that legal education is only for the law students, lawyers etc. But have you ever thought that how important role can basic legal educations play in our daily life. It is very necessary for every person to have certain knowledge of Law; […]

Importance of Law Firm Internship

Law Internship is where higher education meets employment; they allow students to gain experience working in an organization while studying at university. They can be paid or unpaid and allow you to work in an organization for a set period, which could be anything from one intensive week, to interning once a week for twelve […]