Average Age to Have Baby in India

The average age of pregnancy in India is 20. In today‚Äôs scenario, in Metropolitan cities, where families are small, and women are working full-time, most of the women prefer to get pregnant in their 30s. On the other hand, small cities, and villages in India are still facing the problem of teenage marriage and underage […]

Divorce by Mutual Consent in India

Marriage is considered as a sacred alliance entered into by two parties, whereby, they promise to stand by each other throughout their life. But indeed there are certain situations or circumstances that make impossible for these two people to continue living with each other and carry on the alliance. There may be cases in which […]

Paternity Leave in India

Reflecting the rise in the nuclear family trends in India and with shifting values from a gender-based society towards gender equality, the need for paternity leave in India is felt. The government needs to bridge up to the gap between the needs of the people and the prevailing laws relating to paternity leave in India. […]

Men’s rights in Divorce in India

In India, men do get divorce rights, although the laws are more favorable to women. Both the genders should be treated equally according to the law of the land. Still, there are differences in the procedure, manner, and terms on which men get divorced. The men’s rights in divorce in India vary from different personal […]

Succession Rights of Daughter

Introduction to Hindu Succession Act, 1956 It is common knowledge that we are living in a predominantly patriarchal society and giving daughters the right to succession to family property is a new and recent concept. The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 govern the devolution of property under Hindu law. When a person dies intestate, i.e. without […]

5 Recently Asked Questions About Same Sex Marriage Laws

In the past year, same-sex marriage in India has seen a great change. With the Supreme Court’s verdict in Navtej Singh Johar case, the same-sex couples have got a right to uphold their relationships and call it ‘legal’. But even after the Supreme Court’s verdict, the society has failed to accept these couples and continue […]

Know More About The New Rules For Divorce In India

Introduction To New Rules For Divorce In India India is a common law country, and the law is changing according to the various problems and situations arising. The result of this change of law with time changes in the adoption of new rules for divorce in India. The object of divorce law always is to […]

Do you know how much an Adoption in India cost?

Introduction Adoption is the act whereby a person or a married couple legally assumes the role of parenting a child, who is not their own. The child may or may not be biologically related to the adoptive parent or parents. There is an increasing trend in India for the adoption of children. It is not […]

Things you need to know about legal heirs

As per the principles of common law, an heir is an individual appointed by law to succeed or inherit the self-acquired or separate property of an interstate (a person died without making a will) ancestor. A legal heir is a person who represents the assets of the deceased. Upon obtaining the legal heir certificate, the […]

12 Legal Reasons For Divorce That Indians Should Know About

Here we have listed 12 legal reasons for divorce under Indian laws. Adultery Either Party may file a petition under Section 13(1)(i) of Indian Marriage Act, 1955 on the ground of adultery. Section 10 of the Indian Marriage Act defines adultery, and it is a ground of Divorce under Section 13(1) of the Act. Earlier, […]