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Child Adoption laws in India

Child Adoption is a gift for both homeless children as well as the people adopting them. It is the act of one who takes another’s child into his own family, treating him/her as his...


Alimony Laws in India and Alimony Meaning

What is Meaning of Alimony Laws in India ? The term alimony meaning  is derived from ‘alimonia’ Latin word, meaning “sustenance”. Alimony is a subject of personal law, each stratum of the society is...


Restitution of Conjugal Rights

Meaning Marriage is a scared and legal oath binding two persons (Husband and wife) and imposing certain duties, obligations, and rights to safeguard one’s own interest in the marriage. One of the duties is...

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Know About Family Law In India

Family law is a law which comprises of all the legal matters relating to families or other personal relationships. It includes the legal issues that arise in a family such as Inheritance, Adoption, Marriage,...