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Employment Bond

Introduction With the process of civilization, the economy and industrial process have changed a lot and this resulted in greater business competition in the market. To keep balance with the process and cope up...


Different types of Mortgage

What is a mortgage? Section 58 of the transfer of property act, 1882 defines mortgage as: “A mortgage is the transfer of an interest in a specific immovable property for the purpose of securing...


Who is a “SELLER” ?

Seller as defined in section 2(13) of The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 means a person who sells or agrees to sell goods. Goods under this definition include both movable and immovable goods that...

Advertising Laws India 0

Know About 9 Advertising Laws in India

Advertising laws in India is a blend of self-control, codes of industry rehearsal and, obviously, representation. The Advertising Standards Council of India is one such deliberate, self-administrative chamber entrusted with advancing dependable publicizing and...