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How to Get Succession Certificate

Introduction Intestate: when a person dies without a legal will. In such a case, the property of the deceased devolves according to the provisions of the Succession Act, among the legal heirs. However, the...


How do you become a lawyer in India?

Various Stages To Become A Lawyer In India Stage 1: Acquiring a law degree The initial step to turning into a legal advisor/lawyer in India is finishing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) course. There...


Article 15 of Constitution of India

The  Constitution of India, which speaks to national targets like Democracy, Socialism, Secularism and National Integration, was penned by the representatives of Indians after a broad stretch of dialogues, discussions, and deliberations. The Constitution...


Removal of Supreme Court and High Court Judges

Introduction Judiciary is an imperative organ of any country holding immense power. Thus we can correctly say that with immense powers come huge responsibilities. Thus the Judiciary is encumbered with a number of responsibilities...

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Sending Legal Notice : Format and Procedure

What is a Legal Notice? A legal notice is a formal document used for initiating communication between two parties/persons. One of the parties/persons in question sends a legal notice to the other party in...


Child Adoption laws in India

Child Adoption is a gift for both homeless children as well as the people adopting them. It is the act of one who takes another’s child into his own family, treating him/her as his...