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LGBT Rights in India 0

Some Key Stats About LGBT Rights in India

Introduction To LGBT Rights In India During ancient times, Homosexuality and identity as a transgender were well accepted in India. The archaic laws that until very recently governed sexual activity between two consenting adults...

criminal case and government job 0

Effect of Criminal Case for Government Job

Criminal Case and Government Jobs With the increasing population, the demand for various jobs is increasing, be it the public sector or private sector. Government jobs are preferred in a larger number due to...


Sex Selection and Sex Determination in the Womb

Introduction To PCPNDT Act, 1994 In the 90s, Ultrasound machines became popular in India. Originally, disease detection was the primary function of the machine. But this Patriarchal society misused it for Sex Determination in...

special marriage act 1954 2

Special Marriage Act, 1954

Introduction Special Marriage Act, 1954 India is a country full of culture and tradition. It gave birth to many religions other than Hinduism, such as Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. There are people from many...

just and equitable winding up 0

Just and Equitable Grounds in Indian Law

As we know that a company is an artificial person instead of natural person therefore it can’t die a natural death. Therefore it can only be terminated by a legal process for which there...