Author: Vikrant Pratap Singh

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Private Limited Company

Introduction To Companies Act 2013 The term ‘company’ implies an association of a number of persons for some common object or objects. In fact, the purposes for which people may wish to associate are...

Compoundable offence 2

Compoundable and Non Compoundable offence in India

Introduction Lawmakers classified offence into three categories on the basis of their nature, taking the reference of policy-making. These categories are: Firstly, cognizable offence and non-cognizable offence, secondly, bailable offence and non-bailable offence, and...

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UIN – Unique Identity Number in GST

Introduction Unique Identity number (UIN) under GST is a special class of GST registration for the special class of entities which are not liable to be taxed in the Indian territory. Any amount of...