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Author: Srijan Somal


Payment of Gratuity Act, 1978

Gratuity is a statutory benefit for the employees. The employees with continuous service for five years, at least are eligible for Gratuity. Employees get gratuity at the end of their employment on the basis...


Section 269ST of Income Tax act, 1961

Black Money is one of the biggest problems in the Indian economy. One of the root causes of this has been the cash transactions between parties in India. Cash transactions leaving no record behind...


Hit and Run cases and legal consequences

Introduction Hit and Run cases happen when the drivers while driving incur damage to any person’s life, health or property while rash driving and thereafter failing to register their vehicle and driving license with...


Child Adoption laws in India

Child Adoption is a gift for both homeless children as well as the people adopting them. It is the act of one who takes another’s child into his own family, treating him/her as his...