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Death by Negligence: Law and Legality

Indian Penal Code: Section 304 a India’s criminal system follows the Indian Penal Code in matters of dealing with crime. The framework of IPC governs crime with justice and punishment. Owing to the influence...



  Introduction Income Tax Act which was passed in 1961 provides a framework of regulation in the process and administration of levying, recovering and collecting the Income tax. The income tax regularly follows five...


Contents of Articles of Association

WHAT ARE ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION ? Articles of Association (AOA) is the Company’s essential Rule Book which contains the set of guidelines and regulations necessary for every Company to function. The document is set...


Article about Bullying and Its Types and Meaning

When kids grow up in a safe and stable environment, they grow up to be happy and stable individuals. In comparison to this, if a kid grows up in an unsafe and potentially dangerous...


Corporate Governance in India

WHAT IS CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The Institute of Company Secretaries of India defines corporate governance as follows: “Corporate Governance is the application of the best management practices, compliance of law in true, letter and spirit...


Land Ceiling Laws in India

What is Land Ceiling? [the 1950s to 1970s] Land reform was one of the first concerns of the newly Independent India. As a country dependent majorly on its agrarian economy, the leaders of independent...