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Different Types of bond

The history of bail and bonds can be traced back to 399BC when the famous Greek philosopher Plato tried to create a bond for the release of Socrates. The concept of bail in the...


Agricultural Income

In India, agricultural income refers to financial gain attained or revenue derived from sources that embrace farming land, buildings on or known with an agricultural land and industrial turn out from a farming land....


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Introduction Known by various names such as confidentiality agreement (CA), confidentiality disclosure agreement (CDA), proprietary information agreement (PIA) and secrecy agreement (SA), a non-disclosure agreement is a legally binding contractual obligation between two or...


Contempt of court

What is Contempt of Court? Anything that abridges or impedes the opportunity of cutoff points of the legal procedures should of need bring about hampering of the organization of Law and in meddling with the...