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Domicile Certificate

Meaning of Domicile Domicile can be termed to be the country in which one has his/her permanent residence. As a matter of fact, domicile does not completely depend upon the physical aspects of maintaining...


Doctrine of Indoor Management

Meaning of Doctrine of Indoor Management Doctrine of Indoor Management also referred to as the Turquand’s Rule evolved 150 years back. This Doctrine came into play as an opposition to the Doctrine of Constructive...

Patent Application 0

Patent Application

Introduction to Patent Application Patent confers exclusive right on the inventor to protect his invention from a third party attempting to make it, use it or sell it away. A patent lasts for a...


Developments in Section 376 of IPC

Scope of Section 376 of IPC Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code deals with the Punishment for rape and this particular has undergone various amendments to meet the requisites of the society. It...

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Section 306 IPC Abetment of suicide

Scope of Section 306 of IPC In India, suicide is not an offence while attempt to suicide is a punishable offence under Section 309 of IPC and so is Abetment of Suicide as mentioned...


Abuse of Domestic Violence Act, 2005

Abuse of Domestic Violence Act 2005  Domestic Violence has been construed as violation of Human Rights. Thus in order to curb such instances, India enacted the Domestic Violence Act 2005. As per the provisions...