Account Setup as a Client

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Sign up on Legodesk

To get started with your journey on legodesk first you need to sign up.
1. To sign up click Free Sign Up on the legodesk homepage or visit
2. Choose the option I am a Lawyer or I am a User.
3. Fill in your Name, Email and Phone number on the form.
4. Choose a strong password. (Password containing 8-20 characters, 1 Upper case letter, 1 special character and 1 number)
5. Click on Register.

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Logging into Legodesk

1. To log into your legodesk account click on Login on the home page or visit
2. Enter your Email and password
3. Click on the Login button

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Adding a New Case

1. From your dashboard select My Cases on the sidebar
2. Now click on Add New Case

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3. Now enter the court name, case type, case number, and year
4. Click on the add case button
The case you just added will be visible under My Cases

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Follow an Existing Case

1. From your dashboard select My Cases on the sidebar
2. Find your pending case from the list

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3. Toggle the switch from off to on. If the switch is on (blue in color) you are following the case.

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View Details of a Case

1. From your dashboard select My Cases on the sidebar
2. Find your case in the list
3. Click on the view button to view your case

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Change You Profile Photo/Logo

You can easily change your profile photo or logo, or upload a new one to your Legodesk account.
1. From your dashboard, select My Profile in the sidebar.
2. Now click on the Upload Photo/Logo button.
3. Click in the center of the box to browse your new photo from your computer, or simply drag and drop your new photo in the box.

4. Click Upload Button to complete the process.

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Change Your Login Password

To change your Legodesk login password:
1. From your dashboard, select My Profile in the sidebar.
2. Click on the Reset Password link under your profile details.

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3. Enter your new password in the box, and confirm the same by entering it again
4. Click on the Reset Password button.

We invite you to explore the free trial today!
The trial version is available for a month, and you may choose your plan later

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30-day trial period work?

You will be provided complete access to the platform after signing up with us. After the completion of the trial period, we will try to charge your card or account and upon failure would suspend your account. Refer to T&C for more details.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

You may cancel your subscription anytime you want. You will have access to the platform until your Subscription period expires. Post to which, you may try to re-subscribe or proceed with cancelling your subscription.

How does the subscription period work?

We have a monthly subscription model where you get access to 30 days including the day in which you have subscribed to our product. You will have to pay in advance to use the application after the completion of the trial period. We do not allow nor entertain Use First and Pay later requests.

How can I get a Refund?

We do not entertain refund requests in any manner. We request our users to sign up for a free trial prior to signing up with us and get familiar with the platform before purchasing a subscription.

How do I make payments to Legodesk?

You receive payments via all popular payment methods like Net banking, UPI, Wallets, PayPal, Credit cards & Debit cards. You may choose your preferred payment method to pay for your subscription.

Do you accept Wire transfers?

Yes, we accept wire transfers only for our Half Yearly and Annual subscription plans.

Can I downgrade or upgrade my plans anytime?

Yes, you can downgrade or update your plans based on our requirements anytime. If you are upgrading or downgrading then the unused credits in your current plan will be adjusted in your subsequent billing cycles.

How safe is it to do a transaction on Legodesk?

We use Bank-grade security protocols to secure your sensitive information like credit card numbers etc. to safeguard your money from unauthorized access. All our transactions are encrypted and stored in our world-class cloud infrastructure.